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Discuss MIDI for ER-301 here


I stopped using MIDI with my modular a good few years back but if there was a way to tap polyphonic data with ease into the 301 either via MIDI or USB then I’d be all for it. It’s such a fantastic module!


Have you guys seen the MIDI breakout module for the Disting Mk4? Seems like something we might be able to use to get MIDI in/out of the Er301? DIY kit is only $25 from Thonk.


USB would also be great but am guessing a bIt more involved.


BTW - Polyend Pro doesn’t have enough CV outs for a Linnstrument. You need 40 (seriously).


That could work, but being a passive interface the input is not protected via opto-isolator, as called for in the MIDI spec. How much that bothers you is a matter of personal preference. Given the low cost of the parts involved, it’s kind of a strange omission. But if past behavior truly is the best predictor of future behavior, we can probably expect a Mk2 MIDI breakout within the next couple of months.


:joy::laughing: :joy::laughing: :joy::laughing: :joy::laughing:


Snark aside, that Disting breakout does look pretty handy. You probably don’t want to go supporting the full MIDI electrical spec, anyway, because then you might have devices trying to draw power from the MIDI output, which could be troublesome…


FWIW, I am pretty happy with the Shuttle Control from Endorphin.es for midi->CV into ER-301 - works a treat! Direct USB midi would free up the Shuttle Control for even more midi->CV fun!


Guys, why would we ever use any of the front panel cv inputs for midi expansion? We should just plug midi (din or USB) to the back of the 301’and leave it as digital. Then when selecting inputs for any module function, have a separate button for midi and show all of the available midi channels and cc’s. There is no reason to convert the midi digital to analog and then back to digital.

I too would like to use an MPE controller and for that reason would prefer a USB input, but I wouldn’t be terribly unhappy with a din input if it were offered. It looks like er-301 paired with a linnstrument would be a very compact but hugely powerful setup. I’d also really consider getting a Digitakt at that point and using the 8 channel midi sequence control for the 301.


As Brian has stated, the USB port is device-only, so the 301 can’t serve as a USB host.

If you are referring to me pointing out that the gate inputs can theoretically handle MIDI input, is it really such an unfathomable idea? It’s a software solution that requires no additional hardware (except for appropriate cables, of course). If the 301 is short on anything, it’s not control inputs. Trading one physical input for polyphonic, multi-channel control seems like a rather good proposition to me.


I’m ok with that. The digital remains digital. I was referring to the folks speaking about using the 20 cv inputs for converted midi signals.

EDIT: the gate inputs still go through the adc…can that be bypassed and routed directly to digital inputs?


But presumably the proposed ER-302 could serve as a host - whichI think is the whole point unless I am very much mistaken!!


This is the first I’m hearing of an “ER-302” … I believe that the UART is the only avenue for expansion available. If that is indeed the case, a standalone USB host that attaches to the 301 via UART seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

The ADC isn’t the problem. What would be a problem is an anti-aliasing filter that doesn’t have enough bandwidth to pass the 31.25kbaud MIDI signal. A relatively easy test would be to pipe some MIDI messages into one of the inputs and record it to see what the serial frames look like.


It’s pure speculation… nothing decided, confirmed or anything!

My apologies, I forget that not everyone has been here since the beginning and hasn’t followed all the previous conversations :slight_smile:


I just don’t see the point of going through the IO board at all if there is an available UART on the back. The UART features/BSP will probably make it a lot simpler to implement.


I agree that using the UART is preferable. The benefits of using the IO board are that no additional hardware is required and it can (possibly, depending on the SDK) be implemented using “userland” functionality.


Also interested in midi! i had an idea of using an axoloti board to handle the midi as it has din midi in and out and a usb host! it also has digital communication via I2C, Serial or SPI.
plus you get a digital modular synth environment with stereo i/o, and analog inputs for pots etc. so you could build a controller for the 301.

and its 65eu! thats like the price of a usb-host to midi box.
already have a couple.



i really like this idea. using the axo as controller\sequencer\whatnot for the 301 is really exciting, especially given the fact that my axo doesn’t get much attention since the 301 landed ehehehhe please keep me (us) posted if you find something usefule re: using the i2c communication with the 301!!!


Huge user of MIDI and i’m noticing more and more it’s coming to Eurorack.

The possibility of program change, events and the likes would be awesome.

I would pay to get MIDI into the ER301 - +1 for MIDI Din


sure will! but i dont think i will :wink: need someone to do the heavy lifting here :slight_smile: i’m all ideas, no skill…


And Midi over i2C ? A Midi to i2C module (1U ? or 3U 2hp), would it be possible ? There’s this . http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp_iic_midi.html and this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_Pirate
Or maybe it’s possible to use the upcoming 16n as a Midi thru ?