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Discuss MIDI for ER-301 here


let’s see what monome crows will bring. In theory it’s usb to cv and i2c, it could be a perfect companion for the ER-301.


ucapps and crows seems nice! i guess that crows could be the least trouble for us “n00bs” IF i gets the same treatment as the teletype did from Brian and the teletype devs. My vote is still for Axoloti as it seems the most flexible if you don’t just use monome stuff. would open a world of possibilities to process the incoming midi/data before going to the 301. and could also act as an alternative to the 16n where you chose what kind of controls you want to ad to the axos analogue ins, faders, knobs, buttos, sensors. only 12 analogue (or maybe its 16) inputs but i think even i would be able to add att multiplexer for more knobs :slight_smile:


I dont have much to add to this conversation as I am no coder but midi implementation would be INSANE! Polyphonic patches!!

Also I’ve been trying to figure out a way to quantize cv to held midi notes from a keyboard controller. I know about the Instruo module that does this but very hard to get your hands on besides ordering a custom build. 301 with midi quantizing crazy cv’s?!? I would ditch my rack and just dive into the 301 forever (maybe not but I REALLY want to make this idea happen.)


Some event control via Pgm Change messages would be a godsend


This is exactly what I’m waiting to see. Planning 2 crows. One for Norns and the other for the 301. Could maybe do 3 and have a dedicated one for Just friends too :smiley: