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Discuss MIDI for ER-301 here


let’s see what monome crows will bring. In theory it’s usb to cv and i2c, it could be a perfect companion for the ER-301.


ucapps and crows seems nice! i guess that crows could be the least trouble for us “n00bs” IF i gets the same treatment as the teletype did from Brian and the teletype devs. My vote is still for Axoloti as it seems the most flexible if you don’t just use monome stuff. would open a world of possibilities to process the incoming midi/data before going to the 301. and could also act as an alternative to the 16n where you chose what kind of controls you want to ad to the axos analogue ins, faders, knobs, buttos, sensors. only 12 analogue (or maybe its 16) inputs but i think even i would be able to add att multiplexer for more knobs :slight_smile:


I dont have much to add to this conversation as I am no coder but midi implementation would be INSANE! Polyphonic patches!!

Also I’ve been trying to figure out a way to quantize cv to held midi notes from a keyboard controller. I know about the Instruo module that does this but very hard to get your hands on besides ordering a custom build. 301 with midi quantizing crazy cv’s?!? I would ditch my rack and just dive into the 301 forever (maybe not but I REALLY want to make this idea happen.)


Some event control via Pgm Change messages would be a godsend


This is exactly what I’m waiting to see. Planning 2 crows. One for Norns and the other for the 301. Could maybe do 3 and have a dedicated one for Just friends too :smiley:


Where can I find info about Crows ? To be honest, I’ve never heard of it before :blush: I find mentions of it on Lines but nothing clear…


That’s because there’s nothing clear on it, yet. Just a few mentions by tehn about what they’re planning. Afaik, there isn’t much set in stone yet and it’s still in the design process.


Ok, I understand :slight_smile:


Ah finally more infos about Crow(s) :smiley:


trying to pick up CAD again as i have an idea for a case/knob-interface/midi-to-i2c-bridge thingy for the 301

First design idea/prototype:

I think i’m gonna add som small buttons on there also.

If people are interested i could make a smaller version with just the knobs and midi to i2c bridge, or maybe even just the midi to i2c.

Right know i’m waiting for my coder friend to get the i2c thing going this weekend, gonna se if we could get it to send to the teletype units in the 301. Midi will probably be kinda basic, probably something like pitch gate velocity and two CC messages / midi channel, but will be customizable.

Get in touch if you are interested and/or have any feedback about this!
(and remember its all just vapor atm)


Definitely interested!


would love to see a MIDI to i2c device for midi control of the er301


There is development ongoing in regard to MIDI to i2c using Monome Ansible (and a few other Monome modules) that allow you to plug in a MIDI device and address it to talk via i2c with your ER-301.

@scanner_darkly has been working on Polyphonic Earthsea and his newest beta release features this capability.

Here’s a list of functions:

  • ability to run on any of the trilogy modules (white whale, earthsea, meadowphysics) or ansible
  • simultaneous multiple pattern playback
  • up to 8 voices
  • direct control of er-301, just friends and telexo via i2c
  • octave, transposition and volume can be set individually for each output
  • for telexo you can also set attack, decay, waveform (individually as well)
  • each voice can be assigned to any combination of devices and outputs
  • pattern start triggers can be assigned to any gate output
  • each voice can be used as a modulation source (x/y/key)
  • modulations can be assigned to outputs or any of the 8 mod buses
  • arc can be used as a modulation source (assigned to mod buses 1-4)
  • mod buses can be used to modulate any output parameter
  • polyphonic midi support

And a link to the firmware;


Thanks for the heads-up, @Unity2k. That looks very interesting. Going from MIDI to the ‘SC’ commands requires a bit of interpretation, since there isn’t really a 1:1 mapping. Is Ansible configurable?


1V/octave seems like a good mapping?


will there be din midi support? or just usb?
(i’m guessing it wont support din midi, but just thought i should ask as the info is sparse)


i guess they mean translating midis 127 note values to (virtual) v/oct to send to the 301


It is my understanding that ER-301 has 2 types of i2c units. SC.TR and SC.CV. Ansible should convert your midi note values to 1v/octave as it does now through its cv outputs (depending on your root note on ansible).


polyphonic earthsea is probably a total overkill for the task (although maybe you’ll find its other functions useful as well!) but yeah you could use it to translate up to 8 voices of MIDI (USB only, no DIN) to ER-301 i2c commands.

right now it will translate “note on/off” to SC.CV (pitch, scaled so that you can assign it to 1/V inputs) and SC.TR (gate, assign this to an envelope controlling a vca).

i should probably add support for MIDI velocity (right now you can only manually control or modulate “volume” parameter which is sent via SC.CV 17-24). i’m also planning to add the ability to send MIDI CCs to additional SC.CVs. maybe aftertouch.

i might do a firmware that will simply work as MIDI to i2c if there is enough interest. this would be for monome ansible or any of the monome trilogy modules (white whale, earthsea, meadowphysics). please note you will also need a “powered” i2c board which is currently only available as DIY, or you could use the upcoming @bpcmusic’s TXb module (more details)


Would be incredible with a firmware for Midi to I2C - lots of potential in what you are doing here @scanner_darkly!

At this stage, this is what it sends right? (I found this in a post youve made on lines forum)

  • SC.CV ports 1-8 - pitch CVs
  • SC.CV ports 17-24 - volume CVs
  • SC.TR ports 1-8 - gates
  • SC.TR ports 17-32 - pattern starts (whichever ones are assigned) edit: looks like i forgot to do this so for now it will send to SC.TR 1-8 as well. i’ll change this in the future.

How does the volume CV’s work? Is it a specific CC? Also, I can’t figure out what the last SC.TR ports 17-32 is exactly.?