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Discussion about a Synth Voices discussion

Also, my idea for the wiki would be to make a separate page that is linked from the main ER-301 page so as to reduce the clutter on that main page, similar to how the pages for Neil’s and Joe’s videos are setup there. Then we can be as elaborate/simple as we want.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s see how the voting pans out.

i will have to abstain from voting because my prefered option would be
a combination of a

a) synth voices discussion thread as a wiki post on the forum,
with the first post listing available presets as links that actually
reside on the wiki.
i agree with @Bparticle on the benefits of a more general conversation
about synth voice presets

in combination with

b) a corresponding repository on the wiki,
since i agree with everybody who feels that this is the place where presets and its technical documentation ultimately should reside.

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Yes! I’m with @mopoco on this. There should have been a third option :slight_smile:

I vote for what whoever(s) is going to champion it wants. :slight_smile:

Either option could probably work, but having someone who is passionate about keeping it up to date and tidy will be the key to its success.

For what it’s worth, I struggle to maintain just the things I put out there with current links and downloads in the places where people would be likely to look for them.


You’re such a slacker @Joe :rofl: :grin: But you are right, keeping track of a thread, repository, anything that is part of a bigger development cycle with multiple users and contributors takes time and dedication. But let’s say we allow the synth voice discussion thread on the forum to be a little more organic, and then funnel the good stuff through to the wiki once in a while? We can have votes for the best or most useful/interesting voices once in a while and then add them to the wiki with a consistent format.

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I should’ve just listened to myself:

Brian sent me login info for the wiki earlier today, so I’ll take a stab at building a page there once I’ve knocked a little more day job work off my desk. Then we can a parallel thread here and see what happens, keep it organic.


Personally, I wouldn’t make it a popularity contest because one man’s trash is another’s treasure and vice versa. I’d probably go with completeness as a criteria for getting onto the wiki. Does the submission have all of the required things you and @mopoco were discussing above (screen shot, demo, min firmware revsion, etc). My 2 cents. :slight_smile:


I second that.
though, initially i didn’t think of all the items on the list to be obligatory.
obviously compatibility information should be a necessary requirement
for getting onto the wiki… but i’m not so sure about the others.

@joe: did you think of all items to be necessary for getting onto the wiki, maybe
for quality management purposes?

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Oh, I don’t know. Whoever(s) is going to champion this [slowly backs away with hands in the air :wink: ] would have to decide which metadata is mandatory for wiki promotion. Most of the bits you guys have listed above would be pretty quick and easy to supply, I’d think, with the exception of demo media.

The more metadata, the easier it is to decide if it’s a good match for whoever is looking. But to your point you wouldn’t want it to be so much required info that it becomes burdensome on the contributor.

I see. And i agree.
(And thanks to @iiii you can put your hands down for now :innocent: )

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one small question because i might have missed something — are we limiting this strictly to synth voices or the goal is to create an itinerary of all user contributed custom units (or unit presets, i guess)?

I suspect that once it starts getting built and populated it will expand beyond synth voices pretty quick…

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yes, and that’s another thing to decide. @Bparticle in his original suggestion was asking for a specific repo for synth voices.

my 2 cents: i think it is still a bit early, @odevices just revealed that a major change in how we conceive custom units is gonna happen so i think anything more structured than forum tags is too much until things take a more definite shape.

in the future i’d like to see a fairly structured repo with subcategories (synth voices, fx, cv tools etc…)

also agree with @Joe about not using a voting system, i sincerely have many problems doing it with my students, i wouldn’t like a similar system also here.
i suggest to keep it open as to encourage sharing, discussion, common growth instead of supporting a somewhat competitive model (but i’m more than sure your intention was good @Bparticle )

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First stab at something:


Totally open to suggestions and if anyone else wants to go in there and play around you’re more than welcome.


Great job @iiii! Love it

@hyena I used the word repository purely as in having a personal library of synth voices, not necessarily as a “version control” community effort.

I agree the voting was a very bad idea by the way, for all reasons mentioned :zipper_mouth_face:

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Great job and clear !

now, i strongly feel the need for some kind of summarization.
as with all “organic” beings a lot of things came together here…

  1. of all, i’d like to thank especially
    @anon83620728 @hyena @Joe
    for pointing out possible obstacles that we then might
    or might not turn into veritable challenges.

now, though i appreciate those reminders i am not willing to
agree to all the conclusions you could draw from them :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

  1. common ground(s)

this is what an “Ultimate Synth Voice Discussion” will have to deal with

this is what the “Ultimate Sound Computer Repository” will give us

this is we all will keep in mind

and this, too.

  1. common instruments
  • Discourse Forum
  • OD Wiki
    [- wishfull thinking, that i share with some of you: a veritable repository in a stronger more
    technical sense, think github, dspace, islandora etc.]
  1. “Creative Commons”
    i don’t think of the licensing things. just couldn’t come up with a better expression for
    “cooperative ways of using the available instruments for achieving our common goals”.
  • personally, it lead me to revisit 2 particular discussions
    where conversations on ‘categorizations’ and ‘repositories’ sometimes felt like
    obstacles but eventually lead to the right decisions;)
    301 file organization
    CardOne: An O|D Community Project
    you’ll find even more threads here:

  • therefore i think, at some point, we will also need a “Discussion about The Ultimate Discussion about…”
    no, let me try again: "Discussion about an Ultimate User Contributed Preset Repository"
    keep in mind that this might bear the possibility that even more discussions will emerge
    that correspond to ultimate categories of the ultimate preset repository, e.g. “fx, cv tools etc…”.
    now we could opt for renaming this discussion (again) or start a new one.

what do you think?


(these are observations that wouldn’t be in line with the summary above…)

i might be wrong, but as far as i understand what @odevices had revealed:
the naming “custom unit” as well as the corresponding forum tag might not survive that major change.
and though magician Brian is famously prone to surprise his audience i am pretty positive “The Ultimate Sound Computer Taxonomy” won’t abandon the concept of ‘presets’.

I believe @iiii’s first sketch on the wiki already had that in mind. he/she/it also pointed clearly
out here and in the wiki that things might change…

i strongly disagree! i might tend to modular solutions in general. but i am also sure that in that
particular moment i would not have thought of any combination if you had not introduced those
two concurrent choices concerning forum vs. wiki. so please, get rid of that zip on your smiley :face_with_monocle:

i’d also find interesting to know what kind of synth voice is popular in the community. and why. So i wouldn’t mind a healthy competition on tastes. it’s just that a competition shouldn’t be a criteria
for letting contributions enter the repository. in fact i’d love to see a yearly competition inside
the ultimate synth voice discussion. i won’t need it to get going, but maybe others like this kind
of motivation. i’d also suggest to nominate and vote for a place in the “hall of fame of synth voices”
(rather than a place in the top 5 or top 10…)


I think we can agree on this being the main point. And if you or anyone else feels it might be fun to organize a competition in the synth voice thread on the forum that should be totally fine as well, since we decided on its “organic” nature. That competition will need it’s own rules anyway, and probably its own ‘discussion about a competition’ thread :grin: so let’s not decide about it right now.

Thanks for summarizing @mopoco!


Getting to use the pitfall syntax was a serious highlight in making that page…