Discussion Forum Problems 25th April

Ooooops! My most sincere apologies to everyone :unamused:

Something went horribly wrong when I created and deleted a custom emoji and it broke the site.

I tried to fix it last night but I was so exhausted I was missing simple things so had to sleep and approach the problem again this morning with a clear mind.

Anyway, I found the problem and we’re now up and running again.

I definitely need to do some more tests with this and work out what went wrong before attempting the emoji enhancements.

All the best :slight_smile:

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Anybody can break something.
However to fix it, takes a special kind of person.

Thank you Kel.


Wow! Thank you for saying that - I really appreciate it :grinning:

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I just heard back from the guys at Discourse, they said this shouldn’t have happened and they are investigating - with a bit of luck the server logs and how I fixed it should help.

I’m taking this as complete absolution from the guilt of breaking the site hehe, I don’t think I actually did anything wrong per se :wink:


Did you insert the “stress” unit into the site code? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heheh! Somehow I think the stress unit was installed in me during the time it was down… urgh! I literally woke up this morning dreaming about ridiculous possible explanations! If you take this to mean that I care, a lot, that everything is right, you wouldn’t be far wrong :wink:

Always willing to learn, always seeking to make things better! I don’t think I am alone feeling this and it’s totally amazing to feel part of an endeavour to really make better things in the world we live in :slight_smile:

I really like well presented constructive criticism, I think this is how we evolve, so please do speak up if there’s anything you would like to see here.

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You. :mushroom:

Besides that I’ll do some thinking. The forums great and appreciated.