Display burn in on my ER-301 or maybe just a rendering bug?


It appears that my ER-301 main display might have some burn-in, unless maybe this is just a rendering bug? You can see sort of a ghost image underneath the “Drums” text that says Global Chains and the lines from the left continue across the leftmost part of the mixer unit.

It’s just a cosmetic issue at this point, but wasn’t sure if my display might be going bad or if this is just a rendering issue…

If it’s the display itself, you should be able to reset its persistence:

This is an expected limitation of the OLED and has always existed since the first day you turned on your ER-301.

My guess is that it is image retention which should go away as you display something other than the admin screen. Do you leave your modular on all the time? I’ll try to include a simple screensaver in the next update.


Yep, it (the lines) was something that I had noticed, it was only with the ghosting of the text that I thought I better write in just in case!

I do leave my modular on all the time, so having a screensaver would definitely be helpful - glad to know that nothing is wrong with the display…

Thanks for the info, Brian, I appreciate it!

Bouncing ball style O|D logo! :sunny:


With a single frame of the word OBEY inserted at random in the animation.


Flying toasters!!!


Going all John Carpenter!

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Something like this would be pretty cool

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Pong with OD as the ball