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Display color option?

Brian, wondering if there is an option to have another colored display installed on the modular rather than the current yellow / orange default?

Perhaps there is another white or blue display model with the same specs? Apologies if this has been asked previously.

There is no such option. However, if you want to modify you own ER-301 I will provide any necessary information.

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Thanks Brian. Currently don’t have an ER301 yet, however do plan on purchasing soon when you reopen orders.

What model / manufacturer are the displays? And which communication bus does it use?
How difficult would it be to modify?

The OLED is white. The color is a result of the (custom milled) amber acrylic lens placed on top.

Main Display Lens:

Sub Display Lens:

Raw Material: 3mm acrylic sheet


My respect for you has grown Brian. To intentionally give us this color display using a purpose built layer is a dedication to a design that is just impressive.

Kudos to you good sir!


Can I be the first colour-blind user to say, “ORANGE?!?”.

I thought it was Green!

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I thought it was yellow…

after rereading the above posts, I guess it is officially sort of yellow.

Ah i see, so it would be a replacement acrylic lens to change the color. Thanks Bryan.

What adhesive process did you use for the acrylic? Also, what would you recommend for removal?

I believe no adhesive is used. If you lightly slide your finger across the screen it moves slightly.

My work machines acrylic all the time. I’m gonna mill out some translucent red lens (to mach the 101&102 and Pamela’s). I’ll post photos in case anyone’s interested.


Always interested to see DIY - please do post some photos, especially of all the 4 modules together - I appreciate the aesthetics!

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M-Evans, yes would be great to see some photos :slight_smile:

If anyone is milling a clear or slightly smoky acrylic I’d love one to match my ornament and crime!

That’s right. No adhesive is used.

If you like, a bit of superglue does the trick, I did this when I replaced the Harvestman module windows. Just the tiniest amount, here and there along the shelf, or it ends up all over the place!

What problem is the adhesive suppose to solve here? :thinking:

For the Harvestman modules stop the window from falling in, there’s a bit of a gap between the back of the acrylic and the led display.

For the ER-301… shrugs, stop the panel moving a little tiny bit if you slide your finger over it? I agree, probably totally unnecessary.

It was just an answer to the question of what to use should you decide to do this generally, not a suggestion that anything was wrong.

Be careful with superglue (CA based glues), most of them will cloud transparent plastics. Don’t know if it applies to acrylic.

If someone really wants to use a super glue to fix transparent plastics, i know the BSI Super Gold + works well. Use very sparingly. Source : one of my other hobbies is building scale rc trucks.

Thanks for posting the measures for the amber lens! I love the color but i’d love to see pictures of other screen colors is anyone modded their module.

I thought I had destroyed a pane by doing just that with a cheap cyanoacrylate superglue, argh moment, bit annoyed with myself, etc… but it just wipes off acrylic with a little bit of isopropanol - I was surprised, I thought it would melt it!

Any update on your lens diy?