Displaying internal CV as a number

Hey Gang. I’ve loaned my ER-301 to the Michigan Synth Works folks to help with the development of their 8m module. They’re asking if there’s a way to see the output of the SC.CV unit as a number as opposed to just the graphical representation of it on the scope of the Sub Display, etc. Since I don’t have mine in front of me, I can’t think of any obvious way to do that from memory. I mean, is there any mode that displays the internal CVs as numbers in general? I know how to enter gain and offset values as numbers, but not how to see what the value is coming out from a unit other than the various graphical representations. Any ideas?

Go into the system settings and set displayed values to actuals.

Drop the SC.CV unit into the subchain of an Offset Unit. Set the subchain gain to 1.0.

That should do it - the offset value should display the numeric output of the SC.CV.


Boo yaw, thanks Joe!

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