Distortion when using delays

Hi all, my 301 just arrived and I’ve been spending some time with it trying to build very basic things. Been trying to build a simple dual parallel delay but it seems that when I am in the process of building, at some point something happens and all the delay lines start to sound distorted, almost downsampled. Even after restart, opening the delay as a custom unit, I get the same distortion, nothing helps except rebuilding it again. This has happened twice already, first with a Clocked Doppler Delay + Spread Delay, and the second time with 2 x Spread Delays.

After this happens, whenever I bypass the Spread or Doppler Delay, sound stops getting passed through. I have to delete the instance of the delay giving problems, reinsert a new Delay unit before it works again.

And when the 301 is in this state, other things behave weird, such as some of the VU meters stop working, and when I’m in the screen to name a unit, the knob works in the opposite direction.

I’m on 0.4.11 48khz.

I’m hoping its user error, will try to rebuild it again from scratch, in the meantime any ideas and thoughts?

One thing that has resulted in something like that: check for DC offset in your input signal. There’s a fixed high-pass filter unit for this purpose.

I just tried adding a HPF, but it doesn’t resolve the issue. I saved the Delay I was working on as a preset, and every time I open it, it is distorted, irregardless of whether I put a HPF or not.

I have a 2 band container for a wet/dry mix, and the distortion is only on the wet/delayed signal.

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could you post the file of the custom unit / snapshot ?
thus we could take a look at it.

soma_01.unit (25.0 KB)

well i did load this unit quickly this evening and to me it seems to work fine (not distorded), but i’m not an expert on custom units. I put a sample player in front of it and all the inputs were modulated by audio rate signals (an ongoing patch i can’t dismantle right now). This used ~8% CPU.
Do you have lots of other things going on at the same time ? The “distorted/downsampled” and slowed-dwon GUI description makes me think of what may happen when the CPU is overloaded.

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Actually that was the only thing that was loaded, and cpu was something like 25%? I’ve rebuilt the thing, and weirdly, the distortion is gone from the previously saved instances of this unit but I’m pretty sure it might come back again, let’s see.