Do black panels for just the ER-101 exist?

I have a 101 and 102 and a combined black panel, but was wondering if there are any panels for these both separately out there? I am considering downsizing to just the ER-101 and would like to retain the black look I’ve had with both for a while.

I’ve never seen one.

Not that I know of, but please let me know if you want to sell the combined black panel.

I have a Black panel that is a single panel for both the 101 and 102 together.

Sold a few modules and currently waiting for new modules to come in the mail. I thought I’d try something while I wait:

I had a spare Nostalgia panel lying around so I took some black car spray paint to it. It actually turned out alright! Now I wish I had black buttons haha but oh well. I might order a full set of buttons for both my 101 and 301. May spray down that 301 panel now too… maybe haha