Documentation vs Further Development: An ER-301 User Survey

I appreciate the opportunity.

Sounds like after the CPU upgrade, there will be no more software development, which I find strange. I would personally say, CPU now and continue software later. I don’t need any new features though, so I voted .7 then CPU…

I’m really looking forward to what the control messaging bus will bring to the table.

My 2c:

Make it trivially easy for the community to help write the manual (I haven’t checked the current method in a while, so maybe that’s done?), complete v1, “complete” the v1 manual to a reasonable level, go work on something else.

For “something else” I’d say that should encompass CV output and more DSP functionality via a CPU upgrade, or perhaps in a new module. Thinks … control bus inter-module communication!!! ???


For me the CPU upgrade and some changes in the messaging control (like improvement on macros as I said in the other post) are a must, I dream with seeing these two improvements in this beast

I don’t need a manual tbh

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So far with 103 votes in, the weighted mean is pointing to slightly after the release of v0.9. Interesting…

Same here, TBH I’d really like to see a hardware update (and by that I mean more processing power) before any more firmware updates are made, after which I would like to see the firmware make it to a full version 1.0 before it is considered complete. I also agree with others that a manual is not a priority for most users (hell, I probably would not read the thing anyway) to have, though I can see why users would like to have it. Someone mentioned part of the experience of the 301 is finding out how to do something via “searching” which I agree with (I like to research and find things), but can see where some people would like the convenience of a manual. BTW: CV Out would be cool, maybe some form of expander? :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that you’re seeing serious selection bias here. The people for whom a manual is critical are substantially not buying/using the er-301 precisely because it does not have a manual yet. This issue is raised a lot on modwiggler. There are certain areas of the er-301 that are not as immediately intuitive as the main interface (some button shortcuts, the sample editor, hold mode) that could really do with some proper documentation IMO.


Maybe but either way I would be fine with the selection bias because I don’t make design decisions by imagining what a silent majority would desire, nor do I put any weight on someone’s claim that such a silent majority exists. I accept influence from direct interactions only. The other way leads to madness. :see_no_evil:

For what it’s worth, I did advertise this poll on Twitter and I’m sure the modwiggler crowd knows about it too.


That was actually intended to be a reply to @graciousgrendel but I fail at computers. I actually saw the poll at modwiggler first so people outside our little bubble here are definitely seeing it. I for sure respect the decision to just take influence from people who actually communicate with you, building stuff for imagined customers has lead to some absolute trainwrecks in my development career (15 years so far).

My 2c is that you should get the command bus out at least since that seems to be the last remaining really major feature addition. New core units sound cool but it seems like it would be easy to add them later when you feel like it or maybe one of the generous folks here could implement them.

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@odevices I came here from modwiggler, they know about it for sure :slight_smile: I also think that its a good idea to make decisions based on direct interaction.

@SavageMessiah I can totally understand people wanting a manual, it would be nice, I agree there are some areas which are not super intuitive. Thankfully there are a lot of wonderful tutorials out there to help understand most of it :slight_smile:

Not voting Bc it’s your vision. I personally would love to see what new modules you’d make next. Life is too short and you are too brilliant. 301 has gone far and beyond anything I imagined from when I first bought it and I believe you told me I was the first or nearly so!


Wow. Thank you for sticking around this long :star_struck:


I don’ t know if it’s too late, but I go for 0.7 and then cpu upgrade. Firmware number is just a number at this point, from my point of view. Module for me will be ready after the sample related progress intended to be done on 0.7, paralleled to CPU upgrade. These two things are indispensable I think.

Thx Brian


I ve just seen this pol.
Everything in my ER-301 is now on “set and forget”.
I did what I needed most and went out of CPU.
I can live without complete manual as long the comunity is there to answer questions.
I didn’t experience bugs but bug fixing would be great if they do occur.

So I would say: work on hardware upgrade before someone releases something faster and cheaper :slight_smile:


a cpu upgrade would be huge, tbh after this two years with it I find software is mature enough I don’t need any more functions but more CPU, wish someday this would be a reality