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Does i2c allow for additonal I/O on the ER-301?

I see a lot of mention of Teletype, Sweet Sixteen/16n, and various other devices with i2c headers being used to communicate and control the 301 (super cool btw), and am wondering if it is possible to use the I/O ports on those devices as additional I/O for the 301?

I also saw a post over on KVR where someone was asking about connecting a Disting EX to the 301, has anyone made any headway on that? I wish I was skilled enough to do things like this, but alas I am not a programmer and my EE knowledge is mediocre at best.

It allows for additional CV and trigger/gate inputs only. ER-301 cannot output anything on i2c. So for example I have my teletype connected via i2c and I pass most of the CV and gates that way instead of consuming teletype outputs and ER-301 inputs.

I do make physical connections between the two devices using teletype outs and ER-301 inputs to pass constant-time portamento, as ER-301 handles slewing differently than teletype.

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Gotcha, that’s good to hear, at least one can have even more CV control over internal 301 processes :slight_smile: In reality I think CV/Trigger inputs are probably more needed than outputs would be anyway :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!

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