Does / will the 301 do pitch detection

I believe the distin does it. I was thinking of trying to replicate some of the piston honda in my use of it, which has an pitch “input” for its wavetables

I think there’s an easy way to do this with single cycle, but I’ve started the thread now

it already can, putting a lot of work in :slight_smile:
i made this pseudo pll unit a while ago, check the demo, it works!

Oh, cool.

Can I use it / anything with the single cycle looper?

well, i suggest you download the unit, study its inside and maybe try to implement a single cycle vco inside it. Or, use a pulse to hertz unit driven by my PLL unit to modulate the frequency of your single cycle looper.
keep in mind we are in totally experimental land here. no guarantees :slight_smile: but that’s part of the er-301’s charm, you have to find your own solutions :slight_smile:

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Worth a try, thanks!

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