Don't auto-create folders in presets folder

My presets are never placed in the folders that the 301 auto creates, I maintain my own structure. Once in a while I remove a bunch of auto generated, empty folders. Would it be possible to either:

  1. Have an option in the config “dont auto generate folders in presets”
  2. Have the 301 only create folders when needed (or remove blank folders when it turns out the user didn’t save anything in it anyways)
  3. Completely stop creating new folders.

A bit different but similar enough I’ll put it here: I’m on 0.5.X and still the 301 sometimes creates an empty v0.4 folder, it would be great if it stopped doing that :slight_smile:

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While you are sleeping peacefully at night, the ER-301 is up putting folders on all your SD cards! :smiling_imp:


Really? I thought it only did that while powered on and only the SD inserted. This is not good Brian! Can you give an estimate of its action radius, I would like to know how many of my neighbors I should warn about this…

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About 10 meters?

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Ok, thanks, not that bad, only three doors to knock, I can make it before nightfall👍


On a more serious note, you are right that those auto-generated folders are not needed anymore. They are a throwback from a time when unit presets were not self-aware of their unit type.

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It didn’t occur to me this could be a feature request (or rather a feature removal request), but I’m happy you did @a773 :100: