Don't Know how to Loading custom units

Hi totally new to the 301 got the basics but want to try some of the custom unit built by people here , loaded them onto the sd but how do I get them in to the 301 ?

Hi, you create a custom unit and click on the unit itself to get into the custom units menu. There you choose “load” and navigate to the files you put on the card and load the units you want to check out. If you have any question, let us know, there are a lot of helpful members here. Did you find the wiki?
Enjoy the new module!

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Thanks for that , how do I get into the unit once its loaded , its says its loaded but can’t get into it

The first ply (or section) after the custom unit header has a mini-scope and the word “open”. Just press the Mx button underneath this to dive into the custom unit.


Actually it just occurred to me that you might be still asking about how to load the custom unit preset.

First insert a blank Custom Unit:


Here we have a blank Custom Unit with its randomly generated name:

If you focus the header section (using the knob or the M button underneath) a pulsing arrow will appear to indicate that pressing the M button again will do something:

Which in this case brings you to the unit’s menu. All unit’s have this menu but the contents will differ depending on the unit.

Pressing the M button underneath ‘Load Preset’ will open a file browser:

Select the desired custom unit preset and press ENTER to load it:


This seems to be the question that every single first time user has to ask (including me). It’s a secret initiation ritual


And me. I think the problem arises for two reasons.

  1. Having to load a ‘blank’ Custom Unit and then selecting a sub-menu to Load a Preset is quite unintuitive.

  2. The UI shows that it is loading the Custom Unit (but it doesn’t display for some reason), when you try to load it from elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure @odevices mentioned that he was working on UI improvements.

I’m new here and have the same problem:

  1. add unit Custom
  2. click on created unit, click on load preset, go to browser
  3. in folder with custom units (written on lua, with *.lua file extension)
  4. system don’t show these files and small screen shows me “Load unit (*.unit)” not lua.
    What I’m doing wrong, please help)

What Version are you using now and under which version had the CUs been created? In 0.4 you can not load old custom(0.3 ) units as far as I understand.

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0.4, latest from version thread. Am i right that 0.4 units go with .unit extension?

That is correct. Also, as of v0.4.08, there is no support for presets made with v0.3 firmware.

Would that answer my question here Brian?

Or is something else going on there?

…sorry just saw firmware number disparity, so now realise the answer!

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