Drawing Unit

Hi, i’ll try to example with my bad english (sorry about it) what i would like to do with.

actualy when you assigne a fader to a CV input, the signal is straight. i mean when you up or down the fader, the CV input is linear.

But, it would be amazing if this fader (or cv input) can read a drawing wave form. The fader (or CV IN) would be the reading head of the draw. and by this way, you could create a sort of sequences with only one fader, or adsr, or LFO.

It would be very helpfull with slice, or huge crossfade modulation with unlimited sound for examples.

i hope it’s a bit clear :frowning:
sorry if it’s not !

ps : i know you asked to not do that brian, but to be more easier to understand : think about MI FRAMES, or NI MASSIVE sequencer… it’s not the same thing but i can be the same way of use.

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Just for the sake of discussion – you can do things like this on a Shapeshifter.

In regular use, there’s an internal sawtooth wave that scans a single cycle wavetable over and over, but you can actually modulate this sawtooth, thus making the ‘reading head’ scan the wavetable in various ways.

Pretty cool, even though I can’t remember if it creates cool audio :slight_smile:

This is exactly what i have in my head (sorry for the wrong side of the pic…)

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I would call this a Lookup Table (LUT) and it is already planned. :smile_cat:

You can already sort of do this by using the Sample Player as a CV source. Arrange to have it repeatedly triggered (via internal oscillator) and use the shift parameter to “scan” through the sampled CV waveform.


Such beauty in those words.


No way !!! Hahaha yes ! I can’t wait for this now :slight_smile:
My example with crossfading :

I thought about the sampler, but it’s too hard to edit :slight_smile:

this is how the voltage block sequencer works.

It does. But if you don’t stick to simple wave forms, it can get pretty complex (noisy) in a hurry. I’ll be excited to see how the Lookup Table gets implemented on the ER-301. That sounds like next level control over this sort of thing. :slight_smile:


do you have any update on it please ? do you already try something ? :slight_smile:

Not yet. Hopefully during v0.3.x!


cool :wink: i hope too ! thank you !