Dreams for V0.3

With all due respect to Mr. @odevices and not in any way desiring to make a “Pie-in-the-sky” wish list of things that once the ER-301 gains a CPU upgrade would allow it to power an A.I. self-driven simulation of Elon Musk, here are a couple of things I find to be critical for the 301 that would move it out of beta in my eyes. If anyone adds to this maybe we could be so polite as to only choose two items each from the Wiki Tracker and avoid the “In Progress” list as I’d guess Brian will work on that stuff regardless.

  1. File browser

  2. Looper: pedal-type UI (i.e. set loop length with gate)


I guess this is going to be different for everyone :smiley:

For me, resonant band pass filter and the other Osc units - the square or pulse and then anti-aliased versions, would be highest on the list.

In all honesty, I am so happy with how things are progressing anyway (I mean it literally feels like a vastly improved version of Christmas every couple of weeks) that I am just laid basking in the warmth of the processors, the endless waves of audio exploration and I am completely content!


Same! This module changed the way I make music, I’m so happy with it.

I’m particularly keen to see how the hold switch unfolds. :slight_smile:


A BPF is top of my list :slight_smile:


slicing. slices… slicy.

transient slicing
evenly-spaced slices (eg. 8, 16, 32 slices).


I suppose one thing I’m looking rather forward to is the ability to adjust the analog gains on the various inputs. I think this will expose a new world of easy interfacing to outside devices.

But really, like @anon83620728 says, I’m pretty happy to take whatever comes next. Each addition is a new adventure for me!


Me too, but the analog gains would be awesome!


+1 for the slices fonctions :wink:


I’m keen on the topology units - in particular the cross-fade unit for easy parallel processing


I just liked your post @vcoadsr, then I was into the idea of slices so liked that post from @maximedangleslive too… it kinda carried on like that all the way up the page and I’ve ended up liking all the ‘dreams’ :smiley:

I guess that’s just how it is hehe :joy_cat:


Drawing Unit :scream_cat:

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wavetable sample playback modes… to stop the E352 lust :smiley:


Wavetables are in progress and I’m kinda feeling that the four things on that list might be the opening fanfare of v0.3!



Like @Joe I’m happy to be surprised by the direction that the development takes and to participate and learn in the process as it unfolds. Also like he I’m very interested in the adjustment of analogue gains. Am i correct in recalling that this would be possible without bitrate reduction that occurs when using the rational VCA? I’m also very interested in seeing how a looper pedal unit would look!

Unfortunately I’m about to be two months working away from my office, so I’ll not have the opportunity to try any of the inevitable advances until December…


+2 - yes, more slicing and dicing options please.

I’m very much interested in the sample bending and loop / slice manipulation side of the er301 rather than the “build your own monster synth” type stuff.

Some stuff i requested previously :
slice to trigger on cv change - option to trigger slice to play on a change in cv not just on a trigger ie trigger is not used, changing cv voltage, triggers a different slice depending on the voltage, and plays it at the same time.
slice looping - set looping on/off per slice thus allowing a changing CV sequence to play each looping slice harmonically. Looping options eg, Fwd->Rev, Rev->Fwd, Ping Pong (bidirectional looping)
auto slice - ie type how many slices you want, auto insert at equal points.
random slice - as above, but randomly insert selected number, instead of inserting manually.
auto slice - ie set a threshhold or transient threshold, then auto slice anything above the threshold.

Also someone mentioned the ASR-10 in the old forum - different MOD TYPES:
• OFF — Wave modulation is disabled.
• LOOP POS — Selecting this setting will modulate the loop position of the wave, moving it
forward (towards the end of the wave) with positive values and backward (toward the
beginning of the wave) with negative values.
• START — The SMPL START will be modulated.
• START+LP — Both the SMPL START and the Loop Position will be modulated. When
START+LP is selected, sample playback will always begin at the LOOP START value, rather
than at the SMPL START value.
• LOOPSTRT — Modulates the Loop Start parameter. This will have the effect of either making
the loop shorter (by using positive modulation values to move the Loop Start point closer to
the Loop End) or longer (negative values moving the Loop Start away from the Loop End).
• LOOP END — Works the same as LOOPSTRT, but from the back end.
• LPSTRT–X — This setting works the same as LOOPSTRT, but a pitch correction scheme is now
employed to keep the pitch constant as the loop gets longer and shorter.
• TRANSWAV — Similar to LOOP POS, but the loop will move in increments of exactly one
loop length. For example, with LOOPSTART at 0 and LOOPEND at 100, positive modulation
will cause the loop to jump to LOOPSTART 100, LOOPEND 200, and then LOOPSTART 200,
LOOPEND 300, etc. When this setting is selected, the MOD RANGE parameter (see below)
has no effect, but the MOD AMOUNT (also below) sets the number of “jumps” that will
happen over the full range of the controller (MOD SRC).
Any of the 15 ASR-10 modulation sources can be used as the SRC (Modulation Source) for the
wave modulation.


Some great feature requests here!

Its the audio processing side i’m really enjoying the most - my favourite unit is actually the least talked about - Fold unit - its a brilliant design - especially with modulation and followed by a modulated eq3 - superb for gritty digital Max/Msp type stuff.

The r_beny Ultraviolet unit was a real step in the direction of stuff i like. So personally i’d like to see the weirder / more futuristic audio bending units - manual grains is great - more stuff like IRCAMAX and K-Devices, Amazing Noises - especially some real-time spectrum / spektral fft / windowing samples and pushing samples around within the window.

I would love to see the likes of Twisted Tools / Glitchmachines / Antonio Blanca / Ivo Ivanov / Igor Shilov writing units - but thats quite a big dream :slight_smile:



+1 !

+1 Great ideas here!

Definitely interested in more sample mangling and audio processing units!