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Dreams for V0.3



Super lovely! Thanks for the heads up!



is it sunday yet? :love_you_gesture:


The temptation to take off Monday must be strong here in this group or hope for an early Sunday morning release (for those in Europe - which would be late Saturday release for the night owls in the U.S.).


Regrettably I am fully booked time wise for weeks… weekends included!! I think this period has been the least synthy for a long time! But got to erm… chop trees down while the sun doesn’t shine :smiley:

And sort T-shirts, and program apps, and design and develop websites, oh and build modules… why can’t work be nicely and evenly spread out throughout the year? Quietest summer ever… and now I haven’t got enough hours in the day! Hrumph! Not complaining, it’s good to be working, but looking forward to some personal time :wink:



I’m in a similar position with classes right now! Probably will be a few weeks before I can really dive in :expressionless: - though I’m looking forward to everybody’s upcoming reports/posts!


It is slightly frustrating hey… but such is life :slight_smile:

Honestly this is much better than the summer when I was looking around for things to do…

On the upside, everyone else will have reported any bugs and @odevices will probably have fixed them and we’ll come to a more stable version :rofl: :smiling_imp: :clown_face:


I took off to spend Sunday with my girlfriend, but now we are gonna have to break up. THANKS BRIAN.


Yes! :grin:


Is it weird to call in sick to work 4-days in advance?


My body is ready




As though clicking this tab incessantly is going to bring Sunday any closer…feeling pathetic for not being able to control obsessions.

Then there is my new Synthtech E370 that is being shipped in the next 96 hours - Serial #001 to boot!!!

Finally on Friday Brendon Cassidy over on llllllll.co is releasing a very limited batch of Telex modules for the Monome Teletype.

Not sure if this is a really exciting week or just too many reasons to be slightly neurotic?


That’s pretty neat! :slight_smile:


Very excited about this! For the last two weeks I´ve been learning how to use this thing and my experience with it is turning from slight terror into absolute bliss. Thank you Brian for creating this magical device!!


there’s something uselessly romantic about low serials! :slight_smile:

My WMD Performance Mixer/expanders set is serial #1.


I used to have Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor nr. 003…
Then had to sell it during a rough time.
I regret it ever since.


It’s currently 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning in Japan, does that mean we are only about 24 hours away from new firmware?


Looks like I have inadvertently planned well, as in 40 odd hours (of no doubt arduous airline/airport time), I’ll be back at my desk seemingly with a new firmware to while away some jetlag disrupted sleep hours!


Should we start speculating wildly about what 0.3 will bring yet? :star_struck: