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Dreams for V0.3



I think hold mode is going to allow you to make loads of edits to everything without changing the sound and then let you commit the changes all at once, the interpolation will be silky smooth. Each set of values will be saveable as a snapshot (as it is now) and you’ll be able to load snapshots into the hold mode so you know exactly where it will go when you press commit. It will be clockable so you can define exactly when the changes will happen :smiley:


I woke up half an hour ago and I immediately thought: is it Sunday yet in Japan?


I woke up an hour ago and I immediately realize that I don’t own a 301 yet. :rofl:


I just woke up, but I want to go right back to sleep, so that I can properly wake up on Sunday…


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are only about 30 minutes away from Sunday in Japan. We will commence countdown in T-minus…


Nice one. :slight_smile: I have thought about what hold mode could be and wondered how it would be useful to me. E.g. blindly adjusting parameters and having them “take” all at once doesn’t sound all that useful to my workflow other than happy accidents. This would be though. And whatever it is, I feel confident it will be very cool.

I will wildly speculate that there will be more than one new purpose-built sampler unit.


This potential is what I am most excited for :seedling:


I do nope folk realise that what I wrote is speculation - I don’t have a scoop or anything :smiley:


Mine is for february…


It’s definitely Sunday now.
We have arrived.


The anticipation is palpable…


…first I will savor the change list reading over it multiple times and in different direction in order to see new combinations of potential emerge in my imagination. Then I’ll download the firmware and with a precision merging on ceremony I’ll carry the sacred SD card with the new firmware to the ER-301. By this time I’ll probably be close to hyperventilating and will jam the card in the wrong way and break a pin thus requiring me to send the unit back to Brian ---- wait wait wait…this is not supposed to end this way. Back to the dream state. The new firmware will boot up to a rapture of bliss and ecstasy…


No pressure Brian. It’s not like we are drooling on our keyboards/phones (stops to whip drool off keyboard) or anything.

I am looking forward to this, but have to admit its over shadowed by this persistent hum that just wont seem to go away in my rack. It has gotten markedly less, and I could probably live with it, but trying to get to the bottom of it is most frustrating. Trying to find a professional to look into is even more frustrating. And despite the muffs thread I don’t believe there is anything wrong with row power, just my particular situation sans the reason I’ve been looking for a professional.





Hoping for sample workflow improvements. And other stuff I couldn’t come up with if I tried my damnedest :slight_smile: just slight workflow improvements would make me happy.


The watched pot’s firmware is playing a nasty trick on us by simultaneously slowing down time and modulating the temperature that those water molecules start to boil…


Where in the world are you @Unity2k? I’m in Chicago, and given there’s 15 hours left in Japan’s Sunday, I’m banking on either a quick nightcap of new firmware, or waking up early tomorrow with waffles, coffee, and a quick dose of 301 before getting into my work for the day.


Waffles, coffee, and firmware…have you thought about rehab?


For waffles, yes :slight_smile:


I love the smell of firmware in the morning!