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Dreams for V0.3



BTW, I’m in Arizona where it’s currently 79 degrees / 26c and with all the windows open and a fan on I’m sweating not only because it almost feels like summer still but because my eyes are darting over to the tab with O|D open and it has become something akin to a workout.


I’ll bet you could make a great demo of the sound of helicopters flying in low to deliver that firmware if you had the new sampler units!


Sounds good to me. Don’t stop. :rofl: Seriously though, I love waffles with toasted pecans and some vermont maple syrup…mmm.


Dreams for V0.3: it makes me waffles in the AM :grin:


I have a feeling this is going to be a long day :smile:.


I’m right with you. It sat untouched for a few weeks (tho admittedly I was at work learning the ER-101/102) but now I’ve made it through a few fun chains and patches and it feels very intuitive.


Well it’s the end of an Australian Sunday here, but having just this moment arrived from a 46 hour stint in the air and in airports (along with a charming “welcome home sir” secondary drug search at my final air travel destination) with only 1.5 hour sleep on an airport bench during that time, I’m not in any condition to enjoy a new firmware, so I’m happy to wait patiently!


Time is an illusion… waiting for firmware time doubly so :smiley:


The reload icon in my browser has been clicked to death this morning :sweat_smile:


Now do we have to decipher if Brian meant he’d release it here in the last 30 minutes of Sunday in Japan or during the next 19.5 hours while it’s still Sunday somewhere on Earth?


Change log for V0.3:

  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations



:smile: :grinning::grinning::grinning:


In all seriousness, for those who are glued to their F5 key, you can install the Discourse app on iOS or Android and just have it send you notifications! It makes the waiting game a lot easier.


aha - game changer right there :smiley:


In all honesty, Japanese work days can probably literally take forever :japanese_castle:


First. Many many apologies for making everyone wait today. I hope you did other things as well?

Second. The firmware is not ready yet. Argh! I made the amateur mistake of tearing out the entire unit saving/loading sub-system for a re-write. It’s almost there but it is midnight in Japan now and I think I will need to finish this up tomorrow.

Third. I’m sorry again! :bowing_man:


Haha, good luck !!




We all make mistakes… goodness knows I’ve made so many in the last few months I am starting to think I might need assisted living or to be in a care home or something! Seriously, more things have broken or been damaged in recent days than have in years - I am almost at my wits end!

On the up side I made a Knight’s Gallop today - nice build - technically quite tricky, but works first time - so at least I didn’t fuck that up :smiley:

I need a firmware upgrade I think… :blush:


Argh … Been waiting and planning all week for this :frowning: okay … See you tomorrow !