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Dreams for V0.3



What the ? You’ve been waiting for @kel to announce he’d be making an appointment in a care home all week? Seems kind of cruel.


Is it Monday yet?


You all jinxed it. :rofl:


I might cry a little because I just got the E352. :joy:


Ahhh… it’s all about the UI - if that’s your thing well worth having the hardware the app was made for :wink:


At least from my perspective, no apologies necessary and don’t sweat it, Brian. Looking forward to the awesomeness whenever it arrives. In the meantime, plenty in 0.2 stable left to explore.


Good news everyone…it’s :clock730: in the morning in Japan right now…about time for waffles and coffee (nod to @tomk) so we can rest assured that our fearless leader is likely to soon return to the task at hand.

Now the trick will be to sit on our own hands for the next 16 hours while the master toils.



As with @Joe I hardly think apology necessary! Looking forward to seeing what the new version brings but to be frank i still have a tremendous amount of exploration to do with the extant version!




after having to deal with Elektron over the years a day or two is nothing. They would make people wait for months for a single bug fix. Why I sold all my Elektron stuff and went Euro.


Thank you for understanding, everyone! :heart_eyes: Rested and coffee in hand, I’m pumped to code and test the day away. :muscle: I’ll keep you posted.


Best of luck!


This is probably a coder noob question… but I’m still curious…

@odevices - when you’re coding the 301, do you have a ‘virtual 301’ on your computer to test operation or is there a 301 that gets compiled code pushed to it as you’re working away? Or is it a code, compile, test on 301, repeat?


I wish I had an ER-301 emulation on my PC! Maybe one day…

In the meantime, I have my “master” ER-301 connected to the development PC via one of these debug probes:


This lets me upload firmware directly to the ER-301, run the code, and inspect internals all from my PC.


Good morning/good day everyone internationally, and good night everybody in the states. My next two weeks are insane with little room for error, but I’m excited to know that the depth of the 301 will be expanded in the coming day(s) and am looking forward to some dedicated time with V0.3 when that time arrives!

Cheers :beers:


This is so cool compared to other companies who brick up for months on end and refuse to comment on anything their userbase would like to know. Hope your coffee tastes great, can’t wait :slight_smile:



So it’s 2:32 AM in Japan … does this mean we don’t get it today either ? :smiley:


I work better at night. :nerd_face: