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Dreams for V0.3



Don’t burn out Brian!


Very good advice! I’m taking some serious R&R after this.


I’m predicting (already post-release of V0.3) that people will come to curse this time sync that is now fully in the camp of bad ass. We will lose hours crafting soundscapes out of cascading grains falling through filters, reverb, delay…all modulated from within the beast.

To say I’m astonished right now as I listen to Grain Stretch play in reverse through a pitch shifted delay and Freeverb is an understatement.

I only wish there was anyone within 10km of me that I could share in person how amazing this V0.3 is!!!


What’s wrong with sharing with us ?!


Video! :star_struck:

Thanks OD for working so hard on this!! :pie:


Because exclaiming OMG OMG OMG after each new step forward would dull anyone’s senses when they too should be exploring V0.3.

What a pleasure to just sit here and listen to this evolove. Sorry but I don’t think anybody would want to watch and listen to 10 minutes of this drone.


Yeah, I’m in tune with your vibe now. It’s like the already awesome ER-301 is suddenly an order of magnitude better now.



Since I didn’t get the first “like”, I’m going for first seen video footage. :slight_smile:


I’ve not even been in that unit yet - another OMG OMG OMG!




oh hi there little fella