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Dreams for V0.3



Indeed… you know that you can patch up a cross fade with existing units? There’s a reasonable example in this patch:


Thanks for the tip will check it out for sure :slight_smile:


Give me a shout if you can’t work it out - happy to go through it with you :slight_smile:


Cheers man would appreciate that.


Auto-slice is now my #1 wish !!


This. It’s just two days that I have the ER and the only thing I miss is direct line-level sampling.

Pleeeease :smiley:


@gareth.lyons Assign an external offset to two VCAs in your patch, one set to have a gain of 1 with a bias of 0 and the other with a gain of -1 and a bias set to 1. As you turn the offset the first will move from 0 to 1 and the second will move from 1 to 0.

You can apply this principle to any parameters using the same positive / negative gain trick.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


God the Teletype firmware seems to have moved on since I last had one. Might have to re-investigate!


Two major improvements (for now on two separate firmwares, soon to be merged) :

  • Grid integration (Worth buying a 128 and telex expanders)
  • Turtle Op : 2D map to travel in the 4 Patterns. Instant René. Imagine with the grid !


Just how many Telex TXo and TXi’s each would you recommend?


The grid can replace buttons, switches and faders. So i’d say not much TXi. Depending on what you plan to do of course. But at least 1 TXo as you will quickly want to sequence 8 voices…


All i need is reverb unit! After that on the list are only some kind of scale quantizing ability to use with white noise/s&h combination and compression/saturation/overdrive unit any of those can do.


Is there somewhere you can buy prebuilt Telexo’s these days? Does bpcmusic still have some for sale or do you need to buy a kit, etc?


Matter of fact he’s making what might be the last batch, but he’s assured the community that your favorite DIY builder would probably have no problem making them for you too.


I’ll do them if we can get PCBs/Panels and a group order sorted… due to other commitments I can’t be involved in getting the group together, but if you sort that I’ll do the actual builds!


Somewhere in the bottom of this topic !


you know, i have been working hard on the 301 lately, and i’m amazed by it still. everytime i love what i do with it. it’s truly the answer to GAS, also. so coming up with wishlist ideas is hard because i’m really into it already so much.

but, i find myself REALLY wanting a reverb unit lately. seeing the ultraviolet unit in action made me feel like clouds was unneeded finally. except for the reverb. i end up using my erbeverb for weird room/delay efffects all the time, because honestly it’s unbeatable as a delay!

i had also stated earlier that i’d like to be able to have quick record abilities, as well as truncation options, and honestly, after watching joe’s v/oct sampling for a custom quantizer, that too!

all in all, i’m very impressed with the 301. it’s never failed me, and i can be as ADHD as i want with it, making an entirely new module every time i power it on.



have you seen this? it’s a nice option to have!!! save-able scales!


I love the r beny ultraviolet unit, but it’s too CPU intensive for me to replace clouds at the moment. Reverb would be nice and I’m hoping for an adaptation of Olivier’s code once the SDK is released.

In my setup, I have a couple options for verb - Strymon Bluesky/El Capistan are my favorites outside the modular.


Yes i know that work around but the point of quantizer for me is to make improvising easier and faster! :slight_smile: