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Dreams for V0.3



I would really like to see reverb unit as well! I love lush longtailed pads so thats kinda something i found essential with granular synthesis!

Don’t get me wrong i really love this module already and it has basically saved one row of modules from my system. :grinning:


Anyone else getting a sense of the calm before the storm… like there’s something brewing at O|D?


I’ve been not asking about the schedule for 0.3 for a while now, really hope you’re right :smiley:


Well… based on previous experience, @odevices always goes quieter than usual before a release, and it has been a little quieter than normal around here :smiley:

Shrugs… really… all things considered we know it’s coming!

It’s easy to keep quiet and wait patiently though, just because there’s just so much to do anyway!


I’ve felt like I’m being impatient and have been trying to be quiet so I don’t give my hand away that I’m always anxious for what’s new, but reading this I scrolled back to when I started this thread and I thought I did this on the day after Alfalfa Stable was published. So it’s been a solid month of relative quiet…can only mean one thing; Brian is working on documentation :slight_smile:


@odevices never fails to deliver! Im constantly excited for new firmware, I wonder what will come next? My guess is sample editing inside the admin view.


We know from the WIKI that:

  • hold mode
  • scope mode (aka bird’s eye view)
  • polyphonic sampler
  • wavetables

Are in progress :smiley:

If the wavetables is compatible with the SynthTech app I think I will cry a little bit with happiness :joy:


Thanks @kel now I’ll be distracted (more than usual) waiting in anticipation that the lord of all things Orthogonal will spill wisdom upon our souls in the form of holy firmware enshrined with magic and all of the secrets that allow mortals to make sweet music. Well, that’s what I’m expecting in version 0.3 anyway.


Haha - that’s funny :smiley:

I can imagine the hold mode is going to be a major leap in terms of technical challenges - it’s really not easy to program that kind of stuff - if I was doing it I’d be hiding away and very quiet for a long time!


Really hoping the cross-fade unit comes soon for FX processing any sound anywhere in a chain (at the moment it’s not possible to do this at any location with the various work arounds … at least I don’t think so).


Triggers to slice. Double goodness absolutely!


Is the TT turtle mode really comparable to Rene? How about Rene’s functions are they portable you think?


The plan is to put out a pre-release candidate for v0.3 before the end of November. :bow:


it might be wrong, but i don’t see any function of rené that couldn’t be ported.



And any other functionality that expands the sampling side of things on the 301 which is what IMO it can excel at and offer something that is not currently available in other modules (synths, filters reverbs etc…)


I couldn’t agree more! very excited to say the least…


Yeah, sampling seems like the obvious aspect where the 301 could outshine all the rest.


Just received my 301in the post, congratulations to OD on making such an inspiring device.

but just putting in a request for long delays! (exposing the delay length?) Good for background soundbeds, frippertronics, evolving feedback textures, cannons

…and, being greedy here as I already have 4 of them…how about a frequency shifter?


i would love to see a comparator unit to derive gates from incoming audio or samples.


Congrats on your ER-301! Have you tried using the pitch shifting delay with wet at 100%, delay at 0ms, and adjust v/oct or speed for this purpose?