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Dreams for V0.3



Do you expect the expanded oscilloscope to be helpful for tuning purposes?


Arpeggiator Unit please 1v/oct


@kel has that been confirmed by @odevices ?


All the planned features are available on the wiki:


Also, I doubt we will see an arpeggiator in that list as one of the core features, but no reason someone couldn’t write one once the sdk is available :slight_smile:

but who knows… anything is possible!


Getting excited ^^^



I’m in a cold sweat over here trying to maintain my dignity and respect for Brian as we are forced to endure nearly a full month of isolating mind numbing quiet in anticipation of what the next days might deliver.

I can’t be the only one looking forward to the frenzy of communication that will start anew when v0.3 drops. I’m nearly drooling over here as I think about it. I wanted to start begging for an update just days after the previous final final really final update was released before the other final firmware was released in the v0.2 series.

Yes I have a life for those who might think this a bit melodramatic, but there’s something about the smell of fresh functions dressed in new units that makes jacks dance in static alignment with directed voltages mathematically calculated to do the bidding of the experimenter; that is my new erotica.

I’m not looking to elicit conversation, pity, or derision for my shallowness…I’m hoping this exercise will be the catharsis I need to endure another week or so until the fertility god of firmware births the newest chosen one.


These posts are starting to read like logs from a doomed antarctic expedition. Just the right mix of eloquence and mania.


Hah - my post should read I’m getting excited, in response to the planned features on the wiki. Sometimes I think I’m internet-ing clearly, when clearly I am not :slightly_smiling_face: - I am right there with you sir!


I‘m checking this forum daily at least once to see if Santa already bring the presents…
Did I say at least once? Haha.


Love your posts @Unity2k - you have a very engaging style of writing when you go for it like this :smiley:

Some perspective might be useful here, from the WIKI we know what is in progress and each of them are substantial:

  • hold mode
  • scope mode (aka bird’s eye view)
  • polyphonic sampler
  • wavetables

hold mode is HUGE - both from a functionality point of view and from a programming point of view, I mean I can’t imagine how much this is going to add to the code base, but speaking from a position of knowing what is involved in these kinds of things it is going to be a lot of work.

Scope mode, also pretty big that will also impact in lots of places I would imagine!

Polyphonic sampler and wavetables, both self contained but still quite substantial undertakings.

In short, I am not surprised it is taking a while!


Is there a thread where the functionality of ‘hold mode’ is expanded on? I’d like to know more about it.


Alas no… there’s a few guesses here and there, but we’re all in suspense over what it will actually do!


Since we have the screen, I hope that it can show a graphic of the sample and rt scan in one of the views for the Wavetable Unit.

Obviously this takes more programming, but I think when dealing with wavetables it’s actually helpful.


I asked Brian at one point in a thread and it looks like he wants to keep it a surprise. :slight_smile:


I speculate that robotic arms will come out of the A1 and D1 jacks and physically hold you in place, as the rest of 0.3 will be trying to blow you away.


:exploding_head: :joy:


Looks like I timed things well, after nigh on 2 months away from the ER-301 (in the kind of bush I reckon you’d have a hard time coppicing @kel :wink:) the long haul home is in motion. I arrive in a week, and there’s decent odds that there may be a new software version to greet me!


Did Brian actually hint of when v0.3 would be coming or are we just guessing??


…ahh…maybe I’ve jumped the gun!


Somewhere in some comment he said he hoped to have the first glimpse of v0.3 by the end of this month.