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Dreams for V0.3



Entry #113:

odevices (aka Brian) 22d
The plan is to put out a pre-release candidate for v0.3 before the end of November. :bow:


Programming… It always takes longer than you think :rofl:


Okay Dark Lord just go ahead and rain on the parade as you try to temper the crazy enthusiasm that while true it feels at times like we’re turning this forum into a Black Friday sale of 75" TV’s at Walmart…but there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


Haha … I am just as keen and excited for this as anyone else believe me… :heart_eyes:


Hofstadter’s law :wink:


This a thousand times. As is evidenced by the avalanche of crappy mobile apps; programming is hard and very time consuming to do right.

I too am looking forward to it but am more than content to wait for as long is needed. You can’t rush quality in any facet of creation.



Indeed @zack.dougherty - essential reading imo:


Hi all!
I’m new owner of the perfect 301!
I recceive it yesterday!
I’m in love !!!
A suggestion?
a cv Sampler would be great!!!
and sequencer/arpeggiator too!!!
thank you so much for your work your 301 is fantastic!!!


The sample looper records and plays cv really well already. I’ve been having a lot of fun with recording bars of envelope shapes and other cv, slicing, editing, etc. Good times.


You can use the looper and any of the sample player units to handle CV. The Looper is interesting as you you can overdub CV with existing CV in the Loop for interesting results.

And if you’re using the sample player to play i.e.: an envelope, if you vary the sampler’s pitch, that in turn affects the CV playback speed.

have fun! :slight_smile:


So what is the hold mode?


Nobody really knows :wink:

Few guesses here and there, but nothing confirmed.


oh yes ok thank you I try this!!!


Brian’s minimal forum engagement lately makes me optimistic that this could still happen. :crossed_fingers:


Plus it’s nearly the end of November and I’m sure I remember reading that Brian said the next release would be around this time :crossed_fingers:t2:


Whatever I have at that time, is getting released to you all this Sunday. :man_factory_worker:

A test example from the new granular time-stretching player:

Over you, Crying…

(Edit: Uploaded an older version by accident.)

First 6 seconds is the original material (an excerpt from Llorando, Mulholland Drive by David Lynch). The remaining is the first 6 seconds played back at 10% speed which is heavily modulated by a 2Hz sine wave and the pitch is (independently) arpeggiated via the ER-101. Directly recorded from the unit output with no treatment.


Okay - I’ll have to look into taking unpaid time off work starting next week :smiley:

Thanks for the info, absolutely cannot wait.


This sounds amazing :smiley:


Oh, wow, those grains sound like they are being perfectly stitched back together! Thanks for the heads up on the unveiling date. Going to have to make sure some time is set aside on Sunday. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait to have dedicated time on the new release. Thanks @odevices!