DRMCYCLE drum sample sequence recorder/looper

This is a unit I’ve been puzzling together the last few days with lots of help as always from you guys. It’s a sample based drum sequence recorder/looper, with internal metronome and funky quantization or lack thereoff on and off the beat. If that sounds a little experimental well that’s because it is. But it’s interesting enough to share it I believe. @hyena has implemented a very similar idea with his Drumma! unit bundle. The main differences being that I’m using two sample players for sound generation, and I have built the quantization amount in the top level control of the unit, so you can actually modulate that or experiment with different amounts.

What the unit does exactly: it plays back a metronome pulse at the rate of an incoming clock (unless you turn it off with the dedicated control) to which you can perform a sequence of gates and experiment with the amount of quantization. When you are ready, hit the record button and record a sequence of gates. Hit the record button again at the exact point where you want the loop to end and start (it’s a pedal looper). It will play back the drum samples at the chosen quantization rate and start looping immediately. You can turn quantization up and down and the gates will be rearranged accordingly. When you want to record again, you can hit the stop/erase control and start over.

The tricky part with the pedal looper is that the length of recorded material never really matches a perfect four bar loop let’s say, and there is no reset control on it so after looping for a while it starts offsetting the actual tempo, while it’s still being quantized, giving funny results. I tried to remedy this by also quantizing the record gate. Anyway, even when all goes haywire it can still give quite musical results. Or at least quite interesting results.

How to use this unit: you will need at least three manual gates for this, since you will want to hit a record button and immediately start drumming. Ideally you will have five though, so you can also stop and erase the sequence, and turn the metronome on and off. You will also need a two slice sample for the metronome, and two samples for the sound loop that you need to load in the appropriate spot in the unit. Easy enough to find the sample players in the mixers called drm1, drm2 and metronome (I believe)

drmcycle.lua (36.6 KB)

Thanks @Joe for the great idea using the two slice sample metronome, and the clock sync inspiration!


I just re-uploaded the unit because I noticed the metronome didn’t automatically receive the clock pulse.

I really liked your CU, instead of using drum samples i used 2 different piano samples, recorded a 1- bar loop and muted the metronome, now each time the bar loops i get random sliced piano samples



Wow sounds lovely! I didn’t think it should be limited to drums but haven’t tested other uses yet myself. Glad you enjoy it!

ah this is exactly what I wanted to mess around with after seeing hyenas work!!

Thanks for the unit!