DRONEPOOL - Quad looper for 16n

DRONEPOOL is four independent, mono, dub loopers configured for use with the 16n faderbank (in leader mode via I2C). It accepts two crossfadable mono inputs and a stereo aux input. Each looper has individual level controls for playback and aux send. The active looper is selected using the rightmost fader: at lowest position you are recording to Loop 1, highest position is Loop 4. The loopers punch in/out automatically upon selection, following a fade in/out rate set by fader 13 and an overdub level set on fader 15. A cue output lets you preview the input material before recording.

This is a full quicksave, so installation is managed by copying this Q01.save file into an empty quicksave folder (e.g. G:\ER-301\v0.4\quicksaves\slot5). You can then rename the quicksave slot from the ER-301 interface or the names.lua file.

You will need to attach a unique buffer to each of the four loopers within their global chains. My typical use is to layer drones and ambient materials in an asynchronous fashion so I often use irregular buffer lengths, but it is totally possible to tempo-sync the loopers using identical buffer lengths or just using the provided reset inputs. I bet Landscape AllFlesh pads would work well!

NB: Turn the playback level of your selected loop to zero before engaging feedback! This lets you record the full output mix with aux effects, but if you have playback up you will get squealing :slight_smile:

DRONEPOOL v0.6 for ER-301 v0.4.11 (known glitch: channel 4 loads muted):
Q01.save (116.1 KB)
~57% CPU usage @ 48k


Wow—sounds excellent! Will be giving this a spin in the coming days. Thanks for the effort @desolationjones!


I gotta flash my 16n to use though. Is it involved?

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Flashing the 16n firmware is very straightforward and the instructions in the github were sufficient for me. But I have some prior microcontroller experience.

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