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Drumma! loopable, realtime drum units bundle :)



Jesus I cant wait to get back to my 301, been away for while and seen this along with Joes and Mudloggers packs of units pop up… feel spoilt…

Keen to unpack the gate looper for use with other stuff/samples etc.
Im assuming its a pretty simple pedal looper patch …?
(EDIT- I didnt read the post thoroughly at all!!! ignore the above…)

Thanks for your work!!


ah but the looper quantizes to the clock?! Agh i need to delve into this before speculating.


Hello! I have to update this but i’m in the wilderness far from my rig until 26 august :slight_smile: anyway you can either use a very fast clock (audio rate oscillator) to have near infinite resolution = almost unquantized or delve in the units and delete all instances of quantize to clock.


great Stuff, follow you


may i ask, any News on this ?


Thanks! Waiting for custom units to stabilize in fw 0.4 :wink:


This is all fantastic stuff! Just got my er301 a little while ago and am still learning a lot each day, not in the least because of this forum.

one little thing regarding these units:

At first I couldn’t get the pedal looper to work, but then I noticed that in the pedal looper itself, there is a clock signal which has its input to A1 and not to the local clock control.
It’s the clock input of the quantization of the punch control, which is controlling the record/play/overdub of the looper.
When I changed A1 to the local clock control it all worked… (I had my clock going into G1)
So if you have your clock going into A1, you’re fine, otherwise you have to do a little tweakage :slight_smile:


ah sorry yes, i have to update all three :slight_smile: only one of them had that problem i think!


Can’t wait to see how you put this together and how it sounds!

Ypsi Kid


Time to rebuild them on 04.xx, and also with post quantization,as suggested :slight_smile: stay tuna :smiley: