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Drumma! loopable, realtime drum units bundle :)



VCA’s and mixers do not introduce latency. Feedback, delays, and low pass filters introduce latency.


humm, ok. so, i don’t know what’s the reason but there is a clear difference between the two versions…
wanna have a look? want me to share also the other one?


I’ll be glad to take a look.


here they are, thanks!!!
Clappa.unit (49.6 KB)
Hatta.unit (57.5 KB)
Kicka.unit (39.8 KB)


Any update on these ?

Also, hyena can you tell me which firmware version should i run drumma!fix.zip version on ?

Thanks for sharing


the zipped file version works on 03.25 , the new versions (sort of) work on latest firmware


Totally forgot to get back to you on this.

So there is latency introduced by the way you feed the Gate > Pedal Looper output to the mixers. I know this isn’t feedback in the usual sense but for now anything that goes against the regular ER-301 signal flow (i.e. left to right, bottom to top) is considered feedback. In this case, you are sending a signal that is higher up in the hierarchy to a destination that is lower in the hierarchy.


oooh, thanks! i need to grasp better why the 03.25 version worked better in that sense.
anyway this sheds some light on the issue! thanks again!