Drumming Phase

This is brilliant


That is awesome! Great link

I got really frustrated by the constant tempo changes.


I tried watching it again and I’m afraid my sense of timing is too easily influenced by the sounds, does the red ball slow down and speed up or is the tempo change just an effect of where the sounds happen to fall?

The red ball seems to be moving at the same speed throughout, but perhaps there is an unintended visual effect bc it’s moving in the opposite direction as the shape shifting structure? The quality of red against the purple background might have something to do w it too.

I like that it’s requires a heptagon as an intermediate step when transforming a square into a triangle. Pretty cool video!

I think you’re right about the optical illusion - it was making my eyes go funny hehe :dizzy_face:

I really like phasing things so this is kind of a big deal for me to see this so well executed, a friend said the sounds were a bit dimp - I didn’t really notice because I was lost in the animation, but he’s right :smiley:

Good spot on the heptagon between the square/triangle!

I have absolutely no idea how to go about making this kind of thing happen in my modular, I could write code to do it for sure, but I can’t quite see how I would do this otherwise!

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I forget if you have a 101/102, and if shifting pulses/steps/I forget the nomenclature by arbitrary values within a pattern/sequence is a function of that setup? Seems to me a good starting point would be to map the target shapes and go on “transcribing” from there? I assume matching the video exercise/piece perfectly would be next to impossible, but maybe an interesting variant might come about.

This reminds me of Nick Zammuto of The Books constructing his percussion parts by notching into the inner blank ring of a vinyl (starts at 2:20):


Nice one cheers!!!

Yeah - I have done some phase stuff with the ER-101/2 but as you say, getting this kind of constant flow might not be possible.

Yet another thing to add to the list of things to try :smiley:

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Cool! Do you have any of that stuff posted online?

like this thread! :blush:
here’s another one (a bit more trivial, but maybe fun to look at):


I am not sure… I’d have to have a look!

The reality is that I record maybe only 1% of everything I do, and been then it’s pretty much an afterthought and because I just happen to have the computer up and running. This has it’s advantages - I don’t care and simply live in the moment… but also it’s disadvantages “Argh… that was awesome why wasn’t I recording” :smiley:

Of course you can never go back… next time I try something like that I will definitely press record!

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You need one of these with a 1TB hard drive connected - this is what I use now & it gets round the very problem you describe. I press record when I switch my modular on & carry on - then at some point I’ll transfer the files over to my computer and edit/produce.



Wow - not seen those before they look great!! Cheers!!

I’m totally on board with the ephemeral aspect of modular.

Who did the Reich/Modular Phase video on the 101 page?

I don’t know … sorry!

Was it the Tuesday Night Machines? I’m guessing - could easily be wrong!

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“WARNING - Shameless plug” :blush:

Here’s a rendition of Piano Phase I played at a modular last year:


Nice take on this!

@odevices Brian is that your performance on the 101 page?

Piano Phase is definitely a favourite…

I was introduced to Steve Reich by one of my philosophy professors… I gave him a copy of Autechre’s Incunabula and he gave me Music for 18 Musicians in return, the rest followed and I’ve been a fan ever since… the live performance at the Barbican in London for his 60th birthday was out of this world, if you ever get a chance to see it performed live… I would highly recommend it!

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Why yes it is. I wouldn’t call it a performance though…I was just demoing to some people on MW that you can do phasing with the ER-101.

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Well you did put the gloves on :smile_cat:

At any rate, the phasing video is excellent and makes me want to get the 101/102 combo.