Dub Looper's Toggles in HZ

Hey gang!
I am trying to have a macro toggle control multiple other parameters, one of which is the Engage and Punch of the Dub Looper. This seems impossible due to the fact that they both expect a Hz value.
Is this a bug?
It would be great to have the option change this behaviour to simple binary. Am I missing something?

The Dub Looper ‘Engage’ and ‘Punch’ controls are expecting triggers to toggle their state by default. If you go into the Dub Looper’s settings, you can turn ‘Engage/Punch’ latch to ‘off’. In this mode ‘Engage’ and ‘Punch’ will only be enabled as long as the signal in their respective sub chains is above the threshold set for those controls, which sounds like the mode you’re interested in.
The ‘Hz’ display above the controls simply displays the frequency at which they’re being turned on.


Oh I see! Thank you Drillionaire my issue was indeed the double latching behaviour.