Duplicating devices

still brand new to the ER-301, having received it just yesterday, i’m loving every single thing about it. was very afraid that patching something up on the fly may be too counterintuitive – yet, handling this thing works like a charme!

i know it’s all in an early stage (working very well for this!), but just putting this out there: one thing i’d how love to see (or have overseen) is the possibility to duplicate (or copy and paste) a particular device (with all its settings). think this could neatly accelerate the workflow under many circumstances (such as creating a polyphonic sampler).

You can try saving a unit and then loading it which is pretty much the same as copying I guess?
For example, I’ve got a VCA setup as a ‘sidechain’ style pumping compressor / ducker, being driven from an external gate from my sequencer and I just saved this unit, then if I want to use it on any other mixer channels I just load it, pretty quick and easy.

thanks sunshinelover … yes, that was actually the route i took in the end. just kind of thought it’d be nice not to “clutter up” the folders with units only temporarily needed (although this precaution may be due to me not having spent enough time with the ER, yet :))

+1 for a copy/paste function. saving units/chains works but is less flowy.

having just read :arrow_down: this , i thought i’d gently bump this thread to the top again :smiling_imp:

amongst nearly nothing, i really miss this feature almost ever time i use my ER.

I also think a copy and paste would be super useful!

Copy and paste would indeed be very usefull. When working with complex patches, I ofter need to repeat parts of a subpatch and not needing to save and load the subpatches like it is possible now but to copy and paste from RAM would be more easy and faster.

It’s a great idea!

I’ve often thought that a copy and paste option would be nice, but quite happy with the save/load process for now :slight_smile:

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duplicate please!

copy is already implemented. hold shift and select the units you want to copy with the encoder (their borders become bold) then in the small display you can choose to

  1. copy them
  2. cut them
  3. move them to a mixer channel container

then you’ll notice that when you move the cursor into an empty area you’ll have the usual “insert” command but also “paste” (when one or more units are copied to clipboard)


Thanks, I missed that…:slight_smile:

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you are welcome :slight_smile: