Duplicating or tiling pattern data

I assume that there is a way to do this within an existing pattern. Essentially, I just want to take a given sequence of steps and duplicate them within the same pattern that they exist within.

The way I’m doing it is to focus on pattern, enable copy, then insert (after).
Unfortunately, this creates a new pattern, and then the goal of keeping the data within the pattern is lost. Do I need to define loop points for the copy, or is this a math operation?

Follow up question: Is there a way to selectively copy loop points into the clipboard?

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Are you talking about standalone ER-101 or ER-101/102? Just recently there was a firmware update for the ER-102 that allowed copying step sequences without including the pattern boundary. I will be adding the same update to the ER-101 standalone in the next couple of weeks.

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Yeah; just talking about ER-101 only.

BTW, is there a way to tag topics as ER-101 only (until I get my ER-102 of course)? :slight_smile:

In that case please wait 1-2 weeks. I will drop a message here when I release the firmware update that enables pattern-free copying.

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I suppose a more specific term that I could have used would be “tiling”. :upside_down_face:

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RTFM - I found soon after I posted this that with a [track] selected, you can hold [copy] and select steps with the [right encoder], then release [copy]. this copies those steps to the clipboard and then you disable the copy operation. The user can now touch [insert] and the pattern data will be inserted based on the insert settings (before, after, split).

@odevices , is the feature that you referred to in your previous post something aside from what I describe? I guess I would like to have a tiling function that spans all tracks… Maybe this is forthcoming?

Yes copying a sequence of steps has always been there (both standalone ER-101 and ER-101/102). However, in the case of the standalone ER-101, any pattern boundaries that were in the selection of steps copied to the clipboard will be included when inserting (pasting). This is the part that I still need to update (and looks like I forgot) :bowing_man: OTOH, if your sequence of steps has no pattern boundaries inside it then there will be no patterns created when pasting.

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Thank you for clarifying. Yes, this is the behavior I was seeing originally. I realize now that I had been working with new (initialized) patterns without boundaries but that ironically enough, the first time I tried an insert operation with steps, I had already enabled loop boundaries.

Hi Brian (@odevices) et al.,

Any updates on this behaviour? I would like to know if it is actually possible to directly duplicate a range of steps to a different one.

For example, is it possible to copy steps 3 to 10 of pattern 2, 4 times to a new pattern 3?

BTW, I am running FW 2.09