Duration & Gate

Quick Question, just got my 101 and wow, what a beast but…

If the gate = 1 and duration = 1, I had thought it would create a constant positive voltage at the gate output but the gate ends before the duration, setting the gate = 2 solves it.

Is that normal?

This is intended behavior. When GATE=DURATION you get a quick retrigger (few milliseconds) before the next step, called portato. Legato is obtained by setting GATE > DURATION.

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Cool, thanks. Just checking.

I think the behavior of this has changed following addition of a 102 to my 101.


If the duration is 1, step is 1, track clock multiply is 1, track division is 1 then the gate lengths are incredibly short, regardless of the incoming clock signal.

Changing multiply to 2, step to 2 and duration to 2, creates a much longer gate. This behavior seems to be the same regardless of the speed of the incoming clock.

Pretty sure it didn’t behave this way until I added my 102.

Also on a related note do I need to update my 101 as well as my 102 with OS revisions or is it handled by the 102 now?

Ah! It looks like portato breaks when the input clock is slower than 20Hz. I have an integer overflow bug in the ER-102-to-ER-101 communication protocol that is causing the ER-102 to transmit an incorrect value for the clock period when the clock gets really slow.

I should be able to fix it by the end of next week. In the meantime, could you use a faster a clock with longer steps?

In general, you only need to update the ER-102. Occasionally you might need to update the ER-101 (via USB). It is explicitly stated on the ER-101 firmware page when ER-102 users need to update:


Ahh that’s cool then. Oh yeah it’s fine I just thought it was slightly odd behaviour, cheers

On updates: ahh good stuff, I had thought that was it just wanted to be sure, need to read more carefully!

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Here is pre-release candidate of v2.14 (the next ER-102 firmware) which contains a bug fix for this problem. I’ve tested it over here of course, but it would be great if you could give it a whirl and let me know if it works for you.

f9_14.zip (120.9 KB)
(f9_XX.bin firmware are always just for testing purposes.)


Will do. :slight_smile:

This sorts it, tried some really slow clocks with it set to duration 1 and gate 1 and it works as expected now.