Dynamic allocation of slice points

Is it currently possible to insert a slice point in a sample recording, then insert another and loop between the two?

i just tried and the behaviour seems a bit odd…

How did you try?

I realise I perhaps wasn’t clear, I would like to do this with a trigger input into say A1.

ah nope i was doing it in the slice view, but even there sometimes the sample loops between slices sometimes it goes backwards (with negative speed) until the sample start…cant understand the principle with which it decides…

Pretty sure the direction is always according to the speed setting, -ve values mean the sample plays backwards.

The Pedal Looper is not doing it for you?

Hmm… I need to revisit this! I’ll let you know how I get on - thanks :slight_smile:

yes Kel , what i don’t get is why sometimes it goes back until start of sample (ignoring slice points) sometimes just to a slice point.