Dynamic buffer size?

hello @odevices in my crass ignorance i was wondering if the implementation of buffers with changeable, dynamic buffer size is something possible in the er-301 framework or if its a totally crazy idea.
i imagine a parameter on top level of a looper which can resize a buffer in realtime.

on a similar topic i was wondering if a pedal looper with visible, shareable buffer is possible too.


+1 for a pedal looper with a shareable buffer.

i’d like to bump this thread…given the new features and the open source access to the dsp core, would it be possible to implement something like this now or is something absolutely impossible?
it would be really great to have arbitrary length loopers like the pedal one with shareable buffer, it would open up so many possibilities!
another option might be the opportunity to pre program the buffer size in response to clock divisions, example:
when creating a buffer instead of telling it how many seconds or how many bars at a given bpm you’d just tell it to record for X clock pulses…

an other workaround might be having the looper emit an “end of loop” trig we can then use to sync stuff to…a combination of all three features would be killer tho :smiley:

I believe an alternative is to not think of the looper as the master clock. Whatever is telling the looper to loop is actually the master and everything should sync to that. This would be a more versatile setup too because whatever is telling the looper to loop is probably better at clocking functions then the looper.

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yes, viable option as well, but we still have to preprogram it as of now if we want shareable buffer, or am i missing something?

Haha. Well, one of us is missing something. What is the issue with sharing the buffer in my scenario?

i’d like to be able to record as many bars as i want without presetting it (exactly what the pedal looper does) but with the option to share the buffer (i very often play back looper’s buffers with grain or normal samplers, its one of the tricks i love more about the 301 and something pretty unique!).

Buffer length is not loop length, though? Just think of the buffer creation as memory allocation.

BTW, you have to do the same with the Pedal Looper unit. It’s default max loop time is 30s because it preallocates a 30s buffer. If you want more you have to configure it.


ah ok, i think i get you now! you mean, even if my buffer is 10 seconds, i can just write to the first 4 seconds and reset it appropriately, right?
hmmm food for thought!

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That is the intended way to use it :grin:

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@hyena this is why I made Sloop ha, it accomplishes exactly the job of synchronizing input to a buffer.

In particular the continuous record feature does exactly what you’re talking about by automatically resetting to the start of the buffer and setting the loop length when you release record

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thanks Tom, i definitely have to check it out!
i already used loopers in my livesets with different configurations but yeah, your solution sounds like easier and cleaner!