Dynamic Loop - Custom Unit


Thought I’d share this one as I refined it from an older video into a custom unit so all the routing to make it work is entirely within the unit.

You can use this to create a pulse loop of any realistic length of time, set from an external gate signal. You can then use this to drive anything that needs a pulse. In my case, I use it to feed the reset of an audio looper, which loop length can now be changed on the fly based on the duration defined by my little custom unit thingy.


ext Set
this is where you assign your external gate signal to set the loop duration

-serves as a visual indicator of the loop duration (pulses on reset).
-essentially useless if the loop is longer than a few bars.

Resets the start of the defined Looping trigger (defaulted to A2).


All you have to do is count in your brain to define an amount of time on the fly i.e.: counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 … etc… and trigger the ‘ext set’ on the start of your measure 1 and then once more at the start of measure 2 to set the loop duration. At this point you’ll see the Loop indicator ping at that exact amount of time and now your pulse is set and good to go!

The output of the custom unit is the generated trigger.

I’d recommended putting this in a global chain so you can use this to drive anything across the entire system. You can use it to drive delay taps, Looper resets or whatever you want! :slight_smile:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This custom unit uses a looper to create the trigger. So, if it’s not working, you may have to assign a buffer file. You’d want to set it to a length beyond what you’d ever want as a loop length. 20-30 seconds is a good safe number. This looper can be found within the “loop” control.

SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ping the reset input, while in the midst of defining the loop length… it’ll mess it up. I was thinking of creating some pseudo logic out of VCA’s to block the signal depending on the ext set state, but was too lazy :wink:

Have fun!

dynamic-loop.lua (13.1 KB)


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