Easiest way to add a mute triggered by one of the gate inputs

What is the easiest way to add two mutes, on different channels, triggered by one of the gate inputs? I thought I might be able to trigger a mixer “solo” button with cv input, but can’t.

Cheers for any help.

looks like a counter and bipolar vca works here. It is a tangent, but I want to SEE this on / off setting. Can I collapse everything except this vca?
Hope that makes sense…

If you want to see a signal or control that’s affecting multiple unlinked channels, global chains (admin mode) are probably the ticket.

Thanks Joe… oddly, the counter doesn’t show on at one, so I have two global chains, the mute counter running the two channels, and the mute counter at a lower gain so that it shows at about zero point eight when on. I also routed audio to a stereo global channel, so I can see the waveform as well as if muted.
Make sense?

Sort of? I’m not completely sure what you’re trying to achieve with the Counter, exactly. Are you trying to switch which channel is muted on each incoming trigger?

With the counter, I was trying to convert trigger signals into mute on / off events.
Thanks… just gotta figure out why I can’t set the volume of the six track recorder.

what about a custom effect with a gate control (assign your mute trigger or gate here) and set to either toggle mode or momentary?

inside the container put a Bipolar VCA that opens or closes based on the low/hi state of the toggled control. It can be open by default or closed, you just need to set the VCA bias and gain accordingly.

Place this container unit to the right of your signal source you want to mute or pass.

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this sounds good, but i don’t know how to do it – without a counter anyway. which is pretty easy – just feeling my way

edited i’ve now noticed the latch / trigger part of the menu now, if that’s what you meant.