Easy scale

i hope this is not bold writen somewhere in the manual…

I would like to define a few custom pitches, lets say 6 notes, and use those as my scale. How can i “auto-octave” this mini scale up and down within 101/102 ? Is there a funktion for this ?

I hope this makes sense.

brian intruduced scala support for the sequencer so the easiest way would be to write a short scala file with your 6 notes like this for example:

! degung1.scl
Gamelan Degung, Kabupaten Sukabumi. 1/1=363 Hz
155.003 cents
344.805 cents
693.988 cents
823.199 cents

Thank you, i guess that the most simple way. However, i was wondering if i can do this directly with the 101/102. (don’t like to go back and forth between modular and computer)

as far as i know you can’t do this directly with the modules. there’s a script somewhere that can do this too on the computer, brian wrote it but now with the scala import that’s redundant i think.
on the modules you would have to add all 99 values by hand…

Maybe I am over-simplifying your requirements but you could edit a voltage table to include the pitches you require on the 101 and then use slope modifiers on the 102 to transpose by multiples of 1V, 2V,3V etc once the notes are programmed into your sequence.

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