Editing voltage table pitch names

Hi all,
Just getting into custom voltage tables and I have a question. I have modified and saved the standard 12et table so that one of my synths tracks perfectly across 6 octaves (in this case it’s a mc202). I have saved it as a user table and then renamed it to m202-p.bin. So far, so good. However it has messed with the notes displayed (so what should display 0.e.00 says 0.d.49 etc depending on how I had to retune each value) - so my question is how can I edit the pitch name values for the table without changing the voltages?

Setting the root pitch for display purposes is not part of the voltage table. Rather it is set in the track configuration screen.


The root (or key) of the note display is now configurable in the track configuration screen. In the track configuration screen, turn the RIGHT knob to set the root note when you have CV-A or CV-B focused.

Fantastic! Thanks Brian.

Sorry - just tried it but it’s not quite what I meant, it’s only setting the root note. What I was hoping for was a way to edit the pitch displayed for each index without changing the voltages that I have set already. I have adjusted the voltage for each index individually to make sure the mc202 is playing each note correctly, so it’s not a master offset, each index has been adjusted differently.
Currently the table shows -

So the slight issue is on something like index 4 which is playing an E but is actually showing as 0.d.98 - is there any way to adjust that to display 0.e.00 instead (but keep the actual voltage value the same)?
It would just be handy if I could tell at a glance what note it is playing.
I was hoping to do custom tables for each of my analog synths to get much better pitch tracking so if there’s a better way of achieving the same end result (maybe using scala/python etc) I’m up for trying it.