EHX freeze pedal emulation

hi there,

just tried to emulate a ehx freezer (type of thing), but the loop ends are really accurate in the ER 301 so it sounds more like a resonator… (buffer approx. 49 ms) (it sound really cool actually) but how can this smooth waving sound of the ehx freezer be made? lfo-ing the shift wont do it… any idea? thanks!
// i want to freeze an incoming signal, means live. :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this will do what you want or not, but there is a fade parameter over to the right of the sample player, try increasing that value?

thanks, i saw that of course and i tried it… ("lfo-ing//(or moving) the shift wont do it… ")but it has no or a different effect…

Have you tried using a Manual Grains on a 1s buffer with grain duration set to 400ms and triggered at 5Hz?

You can also try using two Sample Players instead of one, but set the shift parameter of the 2nd player to half the size of your buffer.


This is interesting - thanks :slight_smile:

thanks will try this

i can record live with manual grains? // i think i got it

you have to record audio into a Looper that’s assigned to the same buffer file.

The Looper will update the buffer content and the Grains will read whatever data it contains. Best thing of course, is you don’t have to wait for the looper to finish recording :slight_smile:

yes tried it…very cool feature. thanks! ( also for all the videos showing whats going on AT ALL :slight_smile: )

Can this be done as a live effect on the fly? I can assign the buffer in looper, but you have to record into it first. I can assign the same buffer in manual grains but have to wait for it to be recorded first?

Basically i want to run manual grains as a live effect whilst being able to manipulate the audio at the same time (not a prerecorded loop in looper) - is that possible to do?

check this out … sorta an example of the shared buffer.

The shorter the buffer you use, the more immediate it will sound when grains is reading from the same buffer.

around 4:40

You can record into the buffer while the grains is simultaneously building grains from then same data.

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Got it, thanks Neil, i had the sizzle but was missing the fizz :slight_smile:

Now i’m getting sounds i’m happy with.

this was the mess i made

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