ELK - a Linux based MOS

Just found this and it’s super interesting:

Thanks to ELK, software developers and music service providers can easily develop products for different devices starting from existing code bases, essentially using the code originally written for desktop use in embedded platforms.
ELK allows software developers and service providers to enter the new, untapped markets of musical instruments and embedded technologies focusing only on core software – while ELK takes care of all hardware-related aspects.
ELK supports UIs running on different devices (mobile, desktop, embedded displays) and allows immediate porting of existing VSTs, also written in JUCE.

edit: here it is embedded in Sensus - a ‘smart’ guitar:

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The SSP is looking to allow VSTs as well. They would just need to have their GUI converted or go GUI-less. It isn’t official yet, but based on the platform, whether it is official or not, it’s all totally possible.

I keep envisioning one of U-He’s choice modules being used personally.


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The thought crossed my mind that this could be the hardware upgrade for the ER-301 - 1ms latency apparently, but I have no clue as to how appropriate this suggestion would be.

In the fluffiest of senses it sounds plausible, but @odevices is doing things at this level I simply don’t understand.

Whatever happens, I am sure we’re going to see a slew of devices ‘boxing up’ VSTs :smiley: