Emulating other sequencers with the er-101/102


going to keep this as a running journal for discovering new workflows with the brilliant 101/102 pair by trying to build other sequencers and working within those boundaries. hopefully it’s helpful for others looking to expand their creativity with these tools. starting with the sts serge sequencer panel and the buchla 251e. feel free to comment with your own ideas, suggestions, and improvements. cheers all :cat:

serge sequencer - using rotate function on 102 to emulate the asr. boolean logic with 102 groups non destructive math transforms (see - https://vimeo.com/128448499). feedback patching within the 101/102. using a track as a slope generator w/ end of rise/fall gate out. parts to emulate the reset/preset behavior (loop starts wherever last button was pushed and goes back to step 1 on a reset trig) and groups to emulate hold behavior (sustains a step on a high gate). not sure yet about achieving a 2-8 pulse divider.

buchla 251e - x1.5 and xtriplt step multiplier (x1.5 = dur add 12 assuming 24ppqn clock, xtriplt = dur minus 4 for eighth note triplet/8 for quarter note triplet assuming 24ppqn clock). no patterns, each track is 50 steps max. gate duration = 1/1, 1/2 of note length or short transient. cv stage addressing - 102 groups slope pre-lookup table modulation. reverse track - 102 invert cva, dur, gate length. loop start/end similar to 101. i think you could maybe get nested loops with parts on the 102? but my brain isn’t quite there yet.