Encoder Hysteresis

Is is typical to have a really big dead zone / hysteresis when turning the encoder in the opposite direction? I’ve been living with it for years and it only now crosses my mind to ask if that’s normal… It makes delicate scroll operations a pain; I really hate scrolling by a single item because I almost always miss it and land on the next item, no matter how careful I am. Or maybe that’s due to the cursor acceleration curve?

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I measured about 120 degrees of backlash in the knob when changing directions. Can anyone else confirm this is typical?
(Sorry for triple post.)

I don’t think it’s typical. I’ve never noticed that.

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I have never had anything like that.

Can you give a specific example when this happens please?

Every single time I reverse the direction of the knob, I must spin it about 120 degrees through a dead zone before it begins registering movement in that new direction. The dead zone has tangibly lower resistance to spinning, as if it is mechanical backlash in the assembly.

What happens when you remove the knob, tighten the panel nut and then turn the shaft directly without the knob?

Good question. Will investigate tomorrow!

I went to check the knob and was able to pull it right off the shaft. Looks like the set screw is loose :joy: it’s been traveling back and forth in a tiny groove that it made for itself in the shaft.

You must have been concentrating really hard on your music to have not noticed that!


Maybe it gives you a hint of how engrossing the ER-301 experience is for me…
I’m just glad I didn’t lose the knob while traveling!