Encoder wheel feels stiff and weird to turn all of a sudden

When turning the encoder it feels stiff, like it’s grinding against something sometimes (it still moves through the data ok). Can’t understand why it started happening all of a sudden. Is it possible it’s been pushed down more than normal and grinding on the panel? Although I’ve never pushed it down, but one of my cats may have pushed it.

I haven’t tried pulling it up, thought I better check here first.

There’s a little screw on the side, undo that and the knob pops off, clean and re-seat!

Awesome, thank you for the advice!

Well, I couldn’t undo the screw…it doesn’t even look like a screw, just a metal hole. My eyesight isn’t too great though. Maybe the screw is missing? I tried to pull it but it wouldn’t budge…

Sorry, it was a bad choice of words on my part, it is a screw but it has a particularl kind of head that needs a precision wrench to undo, I can’t remember what it is offhand… a small hex key maybe?

Ah, same thing as an allen key I think then? Thanks Kel, I’ll try again tomorrow, I have some very small hex/allen keys I can try.

No worries, sorry I can’t remember the particular wrench I used. Perhaps use a magnifying glass or taking a photo with your phone so you can zoom in and see what you are doing?


I fixed it now. You were right, just needed a very small allen key which I had :slight_smile:

When I took off the knob, I noticed the nut underneath was loose, so I tightened that up and now it’s perfectly smooth again.

Thanks again for your support :slight_smile:


Hi I have the same problem but when I tighten the nut it stops working completely, any recommendations?