End Of Spice Trigger

Hi there, im a little bit behind on firmware updates. Does anyone know if End Of Spice trigger has been implemented?



not yet - was this on the cards, Brian?

He who controls the spice controls the universe.



Actually this hasn’t really been “on the cards”. Mostly because there are no gate outputs on the ER-301. If this was implemented, the trigger would only be available internally. Remember, I’m thinking of the ER-301 as mostly a slave device. Still if I make an expander, it would most likely just be a bunch of gate outputs (driven by the UART on the back) and then this thread would be relevant:



As OP of thread referred to at top, I just want to say that I’m all for spice and don’t want to end it…:wink:

Brian, seems to me that internal End of Splice trigger would be quite useful, that is to say: even without an expander.

But it’s not hard to see that you’ve already been asked to do more than anyone could possibly do. I don’t expect miracles and will be happy with whatever you choose to prioritise. :smiley_cat:


I understand there are no CV out’s but an internal End Of Splice would be very useful indeed. Especially to chain and trigger other slices and other modulators. An example would be to have an EOS with an internal destination option - eg Slice 2 or Random Slice or A1 Trigger In or even Next Slice. You can create whole new sequences this way without a sequencer.

The way i would use it would be for live improvisation. To slice up a song into multiple sections. Within each section, being able to improvise with multiple triggers. Once improvisation is complete then jump back into the compostion seamlessly by having slices chained together.


So now with Global Chains wouldn’t something like End of Splice move a little closer to being possible?

I’d like to see “end of” triggers added to anything that has an end (e.g. the envelopes’ segments, etc.) Not in a super urgent way of course, but someday it would be lovely. :slight_smile:



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Would love “end of” triggers on some units. I really think it would add another layer of modularity to these units. Another way they can interact with each other.


I think internal gates/triggers would be most useful.
Even today I was wishing the ADSR unit had a EOC and/or EOR trigger output.

Having said that, I am imagining even a 2hp row of outputs expander that could sit on the right side of the module, with just triggers or gates… which would be amazing!
Honestly, er-301 is sooo powerful. It easily can become the heart of any system, so for it to be conceived as “end of a chain” seems somewhat counter-intuitive. Maybe even somewhat contrary to the modular ethos it so well exposes INTERNALLY…

Anyway: I just thought I would add my voice to those wishing for some output goodness!


i wonder if that should somehow show up in another input assign layer… Inputs, locals, globals and perhaps meta that had some sort of list tree? I think posted an idea a few months ago. Not sure where in the forum though!

Yeah! Seems like this would tie in nicely with the command bus architecture idea.

So maybe somewhere in some of the units’ menus you could add emitters (so as not to consume CPU if not needed). Much like you add a parameter to a custom unit except that the choices are more about which event fires the emitter trigger (end of slice X, end of cycle, end of sustain, etc.) than what type of event it fires.

And that emitter could be named, appear on a special inputs list, and consumed by the command generation unit or any other unit where a trigger signal makes sense. By the nature of the way you’d want to use them, I’d think they’d have to be global…

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All good ideas!
I can see how this could be something that could be added to custom units on an ‘as needed’ basis.
And with global characteristic.

Since a few weeks I am heavily contemplating if I should get a 301 to sample and process audio within the modular.

End of Splice trigger functionality via something like a global chain would be a great feature for me and I wonder how everyone assesses if this will come and how likely something like a gate out expander is? Or is it possible to build a DIY solution for the 301.

I assume that such a feature is probably not easy to implement and the code might be quite complicated but is it possible or likely to come?

Triggering events all over the modular at the end of a sample / splice would be great, especially connected to a sequencer or Monome Teletype to feed CV back into the 301.

Shooting this one back up the flag pole -

Any news/work arounds for internal end of splice trigger?

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i must say i’m outputting gates from 301 outs with no particular problem. usually i send them to maths or mutable streams, up till now i didn’t encounter any problem (double triggering or stuff like that)


So would you share how you achieve an End of Slice trigger or gate?

no end of slice obviously. somewhere in this thread Brian was saying that this might need an expansion to output gates and be able to use them externally as well.