Endless Encoders

Is there a way to replace the encoders with detent encoders. I find when I use them I have to do a lot of back and forth viewing of step and changing note and also get too many mistakes cause I have gone too far on the steps or notes. If there were detents then it would be easy to count steps and notes by feel.


It is possible but requires proper tools and experience. I am not offering such a service but I believe you should be able to hire a local technician to do it. If and when you do this, please have the technician contact me for any necessary part numbers.

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So it can be done! Wonderful! :slight_smile: I am a tech. I have built many boards. This ER-101 is serial # F-105. I took a look at the mounting of component and it doesn’t look too complicated. Getting the nuts off the jacks might be a obstacle but I sure I can work out something.
Do the newer ER-101’s have detent encoders?
What is the part # and location where I can order the 2 detent encoders. Mouser might have them.


No. The same detent-less encoder has been used for all runs.

Sorry, I only have a part number for the detent-less encoder: EC12E24104A6. :bow:

The encoder part number you gave me is 24 PPR resolution. So it appears that there are 24 detents needed. I think I can get from mouser with part # EC12E24204A8.

Thank you :bowing_man:

The encoders have 24ppr, so I believe 24 detents should do it. However, please test and confirm on your end.

Have tested and confirm with you. I will order from mouser who has stock. Pricing of $2.14 CAD. Cost me $20 for shipping!!! :frowning: I really need to order a lot more parts with this order but cannot at this time.

Encoders with detents installed and works perfectly. If anybody wants to do it the part number is EC12E24204AB and the Mouser part number is 688- EC12E24204AB. These are Alps encoders. If you work carefully and have the proper equipment ie: Temperature controlled soldering station and good solder sucker, lamp with magnifying glass, board holder, very small metric allan key for micro set screw in knob, metric allan key for 3 bolts that hold it together, angled needle nose pliers with tape on jaw for jack nuts and lots of patients you too can do it. :slight_smile: