Enhanced Screenshot idea

This could prove useful for tutorials / how to threads if technically possible:

If there was an enhanced screen capture, where the image would contain the entire chain as it currently sits on a channel or whichever subchain is currently active on the display.


@anon83620728 was also disappointed with the screenshots as-is. :smile_cat:

This will only work for one level of chain (i.e. not a chain plus all of its descendants), and, since the contents of the sub display depends on the focus, only for the contents of the main display.

Still sound useful?


Well, disappointed is perhaps slightly misrepresentative as it was only that my expectations were so very high :smiley:

(you only have yourself to blame for this @odevices - if everything else was a bit rubbish it would have been fine - but you will keep doing amazing things… tsk!!! )


p.s. yes - a full chain would be useful - thank you!

I think it would be an improvement. It’s easier to crop than to stitch. And if you’re trying to document a complex chain there could be a lot of stitching so this would cut down on that.

Agree with @anon83620728. You are amazing, @odevices! The ER-301 is like the rug that ties the room together. :slight_smile:


absolutely -for documenting the general flow of a long patch vs. photoshopping them together…

I would like to see that… :grinning: