ER-101/102/301: Where to start?

After a long wait the complete OD wellness package is on it’s way: in one week latest I’ll finally have ER-101/102/301 in my rack. Of course I read a lot on this forum already and watched every video about the modules I could find, but nevertheless there will be a steep learning curve.
I assume some of you are/were in the same situation, so what’s the best way to get started? First ER-101 without 102? First 301 without the sequencer? Any other tipps beyond what I can find under the tutorial tag?

Thanks a lot. I’m very much looking forward to this adventure!

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All 3 arriving at once? That’s a deep dive :smiley:

Get a bunch of samples together ready to load up on your ER-301 - anything will do, but a nice selection of one shots, single cycle waveforms and long form samples.

Start simple: I’d start by making a Drum Machine, see this thread for ideas:

Create Bass Drum, Snare and HiHat channels and use 3 of the channels on the 101 to drive those.

The create a bass/lead line using the last channel of the 101, perhaps with a single cycle waveform or one of the built in oscillators in the ER-301.

It’s a relatively simple setup and you will get something going quick.


Yeah, I know. I have a deep water diving license. Maybe that’ll help… a little?

Thanks for the advice!


Hehe, I am sure it will, you will probably remember to keep breathing at least :smiley:

It’s loads of fun, hope you enjoy them!

I did the same, got all three together, indeed it took some time (because other modules too) before I started playing around with the 301. I guess you may have already watched my videos which cover a decent amount of features on the 101 and 102, if not check them out.

In terms of where to start I would suggest to start from the 101. OD has created good manuals which will get you started. The reason why I suggest to start with the ER101 is that you can then use the 101 sequencer tracks and CV outputs to drive the 301.

For the 301 what Neil Parfitt videos (which probably you already checked out).
Also, with the 301 you can even get started without samples, just as a synth with oscillators etc…

Good question, what to do first. Although I haven’t ordered my modules yet, won’t be long, I will have exactly the same dilemma as you.

I’LL probably install them and set to work creating a new patch. The sequencer is key in all of this so getting clocks set and sync right with everything else in the system is where I’ll start. Then, once that is all together, got to have a play with the 301. I think the expansion module for the sequencer will come last. Once I got my stroke and have a wetsuit, then and only then will I take the deep water dive. Outstanding good luck to you.