ER-101 102 Black panel file?

Fianally i have the 101-102 combo . found used but is like a new , but I would like them so much in black .
I would like to ask Brian if is possible to have the panels Design Data file for 101-102 (like that in the wiki for the 301) ?
I would much appreciate it ! .

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Here you go:

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thanks Brian

Looks like the links for the panel files are dead. I checked GitHub to see if they moved over there, but couldn’t find them. @odevices

EDIT: with a bit of google-fu I found an old index that currently has the panel files and a bunch of other stuff: Files - Orthogonal Devices

Any 101 & 102 panels for sale or someone who can make some?

Did u eventualy make the panels? By any chance u could help me out for black panels?